Same Obama Rhetoric by HellFire
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Same Old Obama Rhetoric
by HellFire
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In reality most of Obama’s promises have just resulted in Obama Failures or a failure for the country. So although Obama talks a good game about the future of America he’s failed over and over in the past. Obama talked about energy independence but failed to approve the keystone pipeline. Obama scolded colleges for their high tuition rates but approves the government subsidies of college tuition. Obama praises the military while his policies will be firing thousands of them. Obama speaks of how he wants to work with business owners to help create new jobs but then recommends a new tax to double the amount that millionaire business owners would pay that could have been used to create jobs. Obama must have been referring to working with business owners to create government jobs.

And Obama wasn’t shy about how much he likes government Jobs. He touted the success of Government Motors (GM) although Ford is thriving without being subsidized by a bailout and Toyota had a literal Tsunami to deal with this year. Although he hasn’t taken over all of the private sector he decided last night to take credit for all of the job increases saying that losses occurred, “before our policies were in full effect.”

One stat that wasn’t mentioned was how Obama’s managed to have more people on food stamps than ever before – an actual stat that you can attribute to the government as they actually put out ads encouraging people to use food stamps. 

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April 16, 2012
HF your blogs are great and most of all truthful backed up with evidence.

Does anyone else find it odd and telling that the other blogs on here have no content or proof just allegations cartoons and noting else?