69% of 1,844 US Soldiers Killed in Afghan War Happened On... by HellFire
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69% of 1,844 US Soldiers Killed in Afghan War Happened because Of Obama
by HellFire
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Obama hates American and proves it!!!

Although obama has only served 39 months in office, 69 percent of the U.S. military fatalities in the more than 10-year-old war in Afghanistan have occurred on his watch.

Through April 30, the Defense Department had reported that 1,844 U.S. military personnel have been killed in and around Afghanistan while deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom, which was launched in October 2001 after al Qaeda terrorists attacked the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon.

According to CNSNews.com’s comprehensive database on Afghan war casualties, at least 1,275 of the 1,844 U.S. troops killed in Operation Enduring Freedom have been killed since Jan. 20, 2009, when obama was inaugurated as president. 

In the more than 10 years the U.S. military has been fighting in Afghanistan, each of the three deadliest years have been during Obama’s presidency. The deadliest year was 2010, when 497 U.S. service personnel gave their lives in Afghanistan. The second deadliest year was 2011, when 399 U.S. service personnel gave their lives in Afghanistan. And the third deadliest year was 2009, when 303 U.S. service personnel gave their lives in Afghanistan.

In recent years, some U.S. casualties in Afghanistan have come at the hands of the Afghan forces that the U.S. military is seeking to train so that they can defend their own country. Since 2007, when the Pentagon began tracking these killings, 54 U.S. soldiers have been killed by Afghan troops.

On March 22, Gen. John Allen, the top commander in Afghanistan, testified in Congress that as of that point 52 U.S. service personnel in Afghanistan had been killed by Afghan forces. Of those 52, Gen. Allen said, six had taken place this year alone.

Since Gen. Allen’s testimony, two more U.S. casualties at the hands of Afghan forces have come to light.

On March 16, the Associated Press reported that the Pentagon failed to identify a U.S. soldier killed by Afghan forces in February. On May 1, the Associated Press reported that on April 25 a U.S. Army special forces soldier had been killed by Afghan forces.

CNSNews.com’s detailed count of U.S. military fatalities in Afghanistan is derived from official casualty reports issued by the Department of Defense (DOD), augmented by information taken from ISAF and media accounts.

The database includes all U.S. military personnel who died or were fatally injured in and around Afghanistan while supporting military efforts in Operation Enduring Freedom, which covers multiple countries.

CNSNews.com’s total count of U.S. fatalities in and around Afghanistan includes 12 U.S. troops who died in Pakistan and three who died in the Arabian Sea while supporting Operation Enduring 



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May 03, 2012
Pathetic? Hiding behind the internet is pathetic!

Pathetic, yes having to use two or more names to support your blogs.

Pathetic, using link script to gain hit counts, that mean's nothing, qualifies.

Run when the truth shows you know nothing about what you comment on or post about is certainly pathetic. 

Supporting an enemy of America pathetic, no it's treasonous!

Should I go on? LOL

May 03, 2012
How many times are you going to display unbridled lack of comprehension? Fighting the wrong war, what an idiotic statement! 

Obama not supporting the military is revealed in the number of deaths. That’s undisputable raw truth.

Obammie did not get bin laden, the military did. With the proven radical muslim ties to obama, the only conclusion is that laden was able to stay in one place so long is obama was opposed to his end. 

Your ramblings are NOT welcome on my blogs. Check each comment you made on any of my blogs and see how your lies are exposed and you are shown foolish as always.

You just hate the fact you cannot defeat my truths, and the truth that obama is a ILLEGAL ALIEN RACIST LYING AMERICAN HATING MUSLIM!!!
May 03, 2012
Politicizing the deaths of American soldiers is a new low even for HellFire. Pathetic, just pathetic.

May 03, 2012
If you are going to pin the responsibility of all the deaths on President Obama, then it also follows that you MUST give President Obama for getting Osama bin Laden. You CAN'T have it both ways!
May 03, 2012
Yes it's true, because Bush fought the wrong war. This just shows that the teabaggers are so desperate that they are resorting to manipulating statistics to serve their purpose.

Overall rating of the article from a known right wing Website: D minus.

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May 06, 2012
Thorin | 13 Hours Ago

Este es pinche vato hellfire es waedo pendeho.. Que quedras LW?


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