Mormon Terrorism in America since 1830 by LiberatedWoman
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Mormon Terrorism in America since 1830
by LiberatedWoman
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The Avenger?
The Avenger?

The Mormon Church has fought three wars against the United States since 1830 (Missouri War, Illinois War & Utah War), Joseph Smith was arrested for Treason against the United States in Liberty, Missouri in 1838 and again in Nauvoo, Illinois in 1844 for trying to overthrow the Government of the United States.  And, every Mormon in the world was required to pledge the "Mormon Oath of Vengeance" against America, in a Mormon Temple no less, until 1927.  Laughably, Mormons today claim to be more patriotic than other Americans are, and they also know about secret anti-American anti-Christian Mormon theology that only other Mormons know about, such as the secret Mormon prophecy called the "Doctrine of the Constitution Hanging by a Thread".  This version of Smith's original 1843 prophecy, shown below, was modified in 1952 by then Mormon President Harold B. Lee and is particularly disturbing.

"Joseph Smith...[said] the time would come when the Constitution would hang as by a thread and that at that time when it was thus in jeopardy, the elders of this Church would step forth and save it from destruction.  Why the elders of this Church?  "We alone know by revelation as to how the Constitution came into being, and we, alone know by revelation the destiny of this nation" - Harold B. Lee, LDS Apostle and future Mormon President. Conference Report, October 1952.

Incredibly, Mormons theology also teaches that the Mormon God, Elohim, actually inspired the founding fathers to write the Constitution of the United States in the first place, specifically so the Mormon cult would be able to grow and prosper, and eventually conquer America in accordance with all of the secret Mormon prophesies I've already mentioned.  It makes perfect sense that Mormons go off to recruit other Mormons for their "Kingdom of Zion" while the gentiles go off to war and fight for America, which the Mormons believe they will "inherit".  Ironically, that's exaclty what Mormons believe today, that they are the "TRUE heirs to America".

Mormons are brought up being indoctrinated by a radical Mormon theology, which still teaches today that they are citizens of the "Mormon Kingdom of Zion" first and American citizens second.  They're also brought up being taught about secret Mormon prophecies that teach the Mormons will "conquer" America and fulfill their secret Mormon religious prophesies (Daniels's Prophesy of the Rise of the Kingdom of God in the Last Days" and the "Doctrine of the Constitution Hanging by a Thread") that non-Mormons don’t even know about.  And, these prophecies teach that America will become the Mormons’ very own "Mormon Kingdom of Zion".  Oh, and here's where the insane statement above actually came from:

Mormon Oath of Vengeance Against America - 1845 and 1890 versions:

Shown below are just two versions of the secret "Mormon Oath of Vengeance Against America", which originated in 1831 after the Mormons were kicked out of New York state for owning slaves and teaching that the Mormon religion would "conquer" America.  The 1831 version is not presented here:

1845 Version:  "You do solemnly swear, in the presence of Almighty God, his holy angels, and these witnesses, that you will avenge the blood of Joseph Smith upon this nation; and so teach your children; and that you will from this day henceforth and forever begin and carry out hostility against this nation, and keep the same a profound secret now and ever. So help you God."

1890 Version: "You and each of you do covenant and promise that you will pray and never cease to pray to Almighty God to avenge the blood of the prophets upon this nation, and that you will teach the same to your children and to your children's children unto the third and fourth generation."


After all of the right-wing complaints about President Obama being anti-American, it is clear that in the 2012 election that the candidate that has a heritage of hatred for America is actually Willard Mitt Romney.  Beware!

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You are a admitted socialist why should the editors even allow an enemy of American to post at all?