Liberals by HellFire
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by HellFire
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Observe how democrats and liberals love the art of deception and lies. 

Liberals love to twist truths, deceive and lie and are good at it. There are many examples here in these blogs.

As we look at the origins of liberals, it is easy to see why criminals, racists, felons, liars, convicted child molesters, socialists, homosexuals, welfare generations and traitors are attracted to the democratic party calling themselves, and supporting liberals. After all their leader is a ILLEGAL ALIEN AMERICAN HATING LYING RACIST TRAITOR MUSLIM.

They tout seasonal unemployment rates and jobs as their latest deceptions. When examined both are bad news twisted by liberals and democrats as good. 

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows “seasonal” means just that. Not a true reflection of the true unemployment rate, which is at or near all time highs. Job numbers came in far less than expected and with those falling off the true counted numbers have not been this bad since 1981. Democrats, liberals and the liars hate these and other truths and in no way can prove otherwise. They will revert to deception, make light of the truth and hope someone buys their lies. They cannot deny that under half the supporters of 2008 showed up for obamas campaign.

Socialists and those that support socialism are traitors to America, no denying or two ways about it.

Can they deny or rebut these truths, interact on an intelligent level, no they can’t. The proof is here, just read the blogs. 

When confronted with truth in the face of their lies there is only retreat, predictable un American ranting and more of the same hatred of God, Christians and America.


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May 11, 2012
You really want to get into grammar... we would be here all day on yours!

Think again, or should I state think period.

You refer to history and my ignorance of...So you would have all to believe that our forefathers were-- QUOTING YOU "founders were more severe in their uptightness than the Taliban". Well, there is your statement accusing the founding fathers of AMERICA to be worse than the TALIBAN. That is what liberals do; lie about things and hope someone believes them. If you were within arms length...I cannot state or I WILL BE BANNED.

You state you support abominations to GOD, support TRAITORS and more. People that make those kind of statements should not be protected by civil rights, humane treatment guidelines or applicable law. Those kind do not deserve to enjoy America, that's my opinion and it's a growing one.

America is in danger and it's time for un-Americans to shape up, walk tall or pay the price.

I am an American supporting her survival. I stand firmly convicted to my oath to defend America from all enemies.

Are you? By your statements you are not. Enjoy what you can while you can. Tomorrow is promised to no one. You're old anyway so that has less meaning, I am sure.