Cats Are Losers by MiddleORoad
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Cats Are Losers
by MiddleORoad
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Who would be scared of a cat? Anyone that suggests such nonsense needs professional help, really just a slap up side their kitty litter breath head.

Cat's get beat up, chewed up, ran over, ran off screaming and messing all over themselves by other small animals. Cats are clueless, stink, are scared of almost everything, eat their own fur and newborn among many other disgusting things they do.

Why would anyone choose a cat for a pet, well birds of feather...
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May 11, 2012

I'll give those ol' Republican dogs their noses--I hear tell it's beyond human imagination, but they don't kill anything on their own except chickens and baby ducks. When those R-Dogs finally corner a puma, ol' JimBob shows up in his pickup truck, tosses aside the beer he's been drinkin' and shoots that poor old liberal puma.

I thought you knew something about guns 'n hunting?