Republican Earmark Hypocrisy by LiberatedWoman
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Republican Earmark Hypocrisy
by LiberatedWoman
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Republicans' earmark hypocrisy is even starker when you compare what they are saying in Washington, DC to what they are saying to their constituents back home.

In D.C. , Sen. John Cornyn (R) Poses As An Anti-Earmark Champion: “I believe the public discontent can be accurately sourced, and Congressional earmarking process has become a symbol for wasteful and undisciplined federal spending. Earlier this month, I joined a bipartisan group calling for a one year moratorium on all earmarks. That effort failed. We missed a major opportunity to show we are serious about tightening our Congressional belts during a difficult economic period.” [Everyone Loses in the Earmark Game, 3/31/08]

… But In Texas, Cornyn Downplays Significance Of His Earmark Opposition, Emphasizes That It’s Only Temporary: Cornyn told the Dallas Morning News that the earmark ban, “’basically is a timeout while we reassess this whole earmarking process, which has been in some instances abused,’ said Texas Sen. John Cornyn, a member of the GOP leadership… Cornyn, like some other moratorium supporters, said the policy should not and won't last indefinitely but agreed that for now, ‘it will have an impact on Texas, just as it will have an impact on the rest of the country.’” [Dallas Morning News, 11/26/10]?

… And Requests Millions In Earmarks For FY2011. [Senator Cornyn FY2011 Appropriations Requests


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May 14, 2012
No MOR is correct, the proof is in helfire article.

Here is more brat rhetoric and proof about how they run from and deny truth.

LW says republicans have done worse than democrats. Obama told 7 lies in under 2 minutes, she cannot come up with anything to prove what she says so she just LIES.