Obama 7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes--ALL TIME RECORD by HellFire
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Obama Record: 7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes
by HellFire
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Obama has told and been caught in many, many lies. Just listening to the ILLEGAL ALIEN TRAITOR AMERICAN HATING LYING RACIST MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE makes me want to throw up.

Blograt socialist liberals want to bring up lies, well obama is the all time champ of liars. But, that's just fine with that kind because lying, cheating, backsliding and traitorous acts are what they stand for.

Observe how the admitted socialist liberal backs off when confronted with the truth, see the desperation in the posting, and less postings.

There are more fed up people here I see, fed up with the socialist liberals ravings and lies.

There is no way the socialist liberal can prove me wrong, NO WAY!!! Why, because they and the traitor obama are what I state and proof is overwhelming. 

The big picture, well the turn out at obammie boy's campaign is an indication of what is to come. We don't see any democrat addressing that do we, other than stating it was less than predicted (far less than half predicted), and it was disappointing....LOL disappointing.  

Come on blograt prove me wrong,  
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May 13, 2012
I wonder what kind of ranting the socialist liberal will post now. I bet we won't have to wait very long LOL.

At least there are fewer of those blithering blogs of hers. Oh wait maybe the satellite isp is acting up... :)