Lies? by HellFire
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Lies And Desperation
by HellFire
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Observe the admitted socialist liberals latest DESPERATE lie in blog form.  LOL @ the desperation!

The socialist liberal American hating poster infers Romney has told a million lies.That statement is a lie and we all know what that makes her.

Now, Obama will be remembered for the most lying  person to ever hold the office of president, is it possible the admitted socialist traitor is trying to be like the ILLEGAL ALIEN AMERICAN HATING TRAITOR LYING RACIST MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE?

Guess which pic is the socialist realizing she sat on her cats and the keyboard after eating kitten sandwiches...

The man of a million lies.  Scumbag Mitt!
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Less Than A Minute Ago
A million lies? 

Look at how desperate you are, in fact you are the LIAR with your statement!!!

Read more: - entry Scumbag Mitt 
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May 15, 2012
libertateredwoman did you have potatoes with those kitten sandwich's?

Seems like HF has you in a hissy, look at your desperation comments and the way you are taken to the cleaners on everything you try.

Are you going to make up another name now or what? BBBUUHHHAAAAAwSss