Obama Wages Class Warfare In Addition To Being A Traitor by tryg
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Obama Wages Class Warfare In Addition To Being A Traitor
by tryg
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Obama desperate from falling behind Romney in the polls wages class warfare as he did in 08. Clearly obama will do anything to win including waging war on Americans. Wait obama attacked and violated the Constitution multiple times making obama a traitor so class warfare during a time that healing and unity should be sought is no surprise from the enemy, obama!!!
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May 25, 2012

It is you who needs to read carefully before responding. I cannot explain in any simpler terms that lw stated Willard was a traitor not his family. Your wrong and that is that. In addition, she stated the Romney family vowed vengeance on America, which is a LIE. Actually makes no difference but for the sake of this blog…

Now, as for you we differ on almost everything. Thank you for your service. Are you going to accuse me of never putting my bacon on the line?

I could fill these blogs with names of dead soldiers some friends and family too. I cannot fathom why you used those names. It’s the epitome of disrespect for the purposes you intended, my opinion.

I want you to know that chills went down my spine when a man I greatly admired, a hero, said to me “hero, bravery if that’s what you want, remember dead is just dead”. He just stood there looking me in the eye. It may have not been an exact quote but the meaning ran clear then and now.

Unlike you I could not care less about your opinion, ranting or in fact existence, but that‘s just me. You state you could care less if mor responds or not indicating a measure of caring.

Do you know the main difference between the navy and the boy scouts?------Boy scouts have adult leadership.

Later swabby…………