Who's Tracking Who by HellFire
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Who's Tracking Who For What Reasons
by HellFire
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Are you alone when you think you are, email safe, invisible on the internet at home or with your mobile device?

How about driving in your personal vehicle (newer vehicles not jalopies most socialist liberals have)? Nope, there is a high probability the average Americans whereabouts and electronic business is known at all times. Should you panic, yes and no. Best bet, always assume your devise will give you away. Lesson learned here recently, by some. 

Microsoft uses tracking and location software. Microsoft sells fixes, apps and programs to disable tracking and location software. Odd, you think? Not really, just imagine if you sold fire and fire extinguishers... HELLOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Bill gates has contributed over $425k (known) to campaign funds. Gates contributes largely democrat. What's that tell you?

In all fairness Microsoft is not the only practitioner, not even the largest of intrusion methods, but certainly the best known.  

The Patriot Act is not responsible, I can just imagine the rhetoric from socialist liberal, It's been going on since LBJ and Hoover.  
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June 05, 2012
HF- here is something I agree with you wholeheartedly. This is what we should be talking about. And yes, we have been under the microscope for many years. And I know it's off topic, but just in case you think all us lefties think alike, I abhor the recall elections taking place around the country. Unless someone commits a crime, those elected should be allowed to govern. If you don't like their policies, vote them out. I know, who cares what I think. But I do think.