Thursday Cat Facts by DifferentView2
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Thursday Cat Facts
by DifferentView2
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Also confused.
Also confused.
The optimist.
The optimist.
Weekend plans.
Weekend plans.
No, not thirsty cat facts--it's Thursday Cat Facts!

  1. Cats use more than 500 muscles to leap, jump and sprint.
  2. A cat has 230 bones in its body.  People only have 206.
  3. Cats have four rows of whiskers.
  4. Cats can sprint about 31 miles per hour.
  5. In ancient Egypt, a person could receive the death penalty for killing a cat.
  6. Cats will practically never meow at other cats.  They save their meowing for humans.
  7. Cats can’t move their jaws sideways.
  8. A 15 year old cat has likely spent 10 years of its life asleep.
  9. Cat brains are more similar to human brains than dog brains are.
  10. Cats make about 100 different vocal sounds.  By way of comparison, dogs only make about 10.
  11. A cat will spend almost a third of its life grooming itself (the fur is delicious).
  12. A cat’s ear can pivot 180 degrees.  Cats use their hearing a lot like radar.
  13. Cats can jump seven times their own height.
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March 07, 2013

Here's your chance to visit!

SXSW Interactive’s biggest star, Grumpy Cat, in Austin

"We’ll have a proper video up soon, but here’s a photo and Vine video of Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, perhaps the biggest star of SXSW Interactive 2013, at least based on Internet reaction to anything we post about her.

She was very sweet and did not seem to mind a room full of people giving her lots of attention. In fact, she was a little bit sleepy and we tried not to disturb her too much. Yes, I did get to hold her. (She’s very small and soft). Her owners seem very kind and responsible and they’re limiting her public appearances to about an hour a day, so don’t stress out about her welfare; she seems like she’s doing just fine (and not at all grumpy)."