How to Sneak Dubious Into Work by DifferentView2
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How to Sneak Dubious Into Work
by DifferentView2
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The purrsonality assessment.
The purrsonality assessment.
Concerned about pawsible rain showers?
Concerned about pawsible rain showers?
Letting the cat out of the bag fur a minute.
Letting the cat out of the bag fur a minute.
Don’t make any meowstakes.
Don’t make any meowstakes.

If Dubious gives you the sour face every time you leave for work every day, consider bringing him to work—especially since we are approaching the holiday season.  Your boss doesn't have to know!  With a few "sneaky" tools and a little ingenuity, Dubious can be sitting shotgun next to you at your desk.

1.  Assess Dubious’ personality.  Smuggling him into work won't be a good idea if he is a proud and independent roamer who has activities you don't even have a clue about for most of the day and/or night.  If he is the type to hop in and out of the cat door regularly, he is going to find being confined in a small bag a day of nightmares and the yowling will definitely let the cat out of the bag even if the clawing doesn't.

2.  Consider the way you get to work.  Is Dubious a seasoned traveler?  Does he mind car or public transportation travel?  Is Dubious even allowed on public transportation?  Are you strong enough to carry him on your bike or by foot? These are all very valid considerations.

If the last experience Dubious had in a cat carrier involved going to the vet, seeing rabid, dribbling dogs nosing him and he urinated all over himself, then perhaps give this whole idea a miss.  On the other hand, if Dubious is the model of good behavior and loves traveling, you're on your way!

3.  Check the weather.  Is it too hot, too cold, too wet or too windy to be carrying Dubious around?  Use your own good sense of judgment as to whether the weather is an issue for carting around Dubious, especially if you're subjecting him to non-car travel.  In particular, remember that Dubious is prone to heatstroke, so don't place him in any situation where this could be a problem.

4.  Choose a day that isn't heavily mired in away-from-desk obligations. Preferably, choose a day when you can get away earlier than usual, so that Dubious is only there a few hours.

Things You Will Need:


Carrier bag suitable for Dubious, breathable

Food, treats and bowls

Water (use workplace water but not from the cooler as it's too cold)

Harness, leash, collar

Travel litter box and deodorizing litter

Cat toys

More information and photos at .

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November 16, 2013
Everything is cattingent on getting Dubious out of the basement though. Happy Caturday!