Always missed and never forgotten by lillurq
Fernando David Coffeen Jr.
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In memory of Fernando David Coffeen Jr.
by lillurq
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Fernando David Coffeen Jr.

June 09, 1957 – June 08, 2008

Beloved Brother and Devoted father to his precious Caitlyn, his one and only child.

Our teardrops fell like the rain.

On the day that you were taken away, it was not your time to leave us, which makes it difficult to find comfort.  I know that God is with you wherever you are, God is helping you to find peace and wants you to be with our Mom and Daddy and Our Mommy and Pappy.  The heavens are waiting for you it is then that we can find comfort.  Your soul cannot rest as long as your ashes are kept in a box on a shelf.  Your ashes should be where your family can visit you and cry for you and place flowers to say we miss you and think of you.

Our love for you will never die and we pray that you will be able to rest with our parents and grandparents soon my brother, very soon.

We’ll never give up…

Happy Birthday Big Brother.

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June 09, 2009