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 Obamas Latest
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Obama's Bad Week--A Example of Incompetence

Oh, what a week it was! Obama showed his anti-white tendencies in the Trayvon Martin case, promises the Russians to give away the farm "after his last election", ObamaCare goes down in flames, his budget gets voted down unanimously by the House (even Democrats voted against it), and tensions in the Middle East are worse than ever. So not to let one week outdo another, he now claims that the Supreme Court has no authority to overturn any law passed by Congress!  Is he incompetent or just dumb?

We have tried not to worry too much about the election but as these the news keep getting worse for Obama, one has to wonder what he will do if internal polls start showing him losing by substantial measures. Will he act like a cornered animal and strike out? Will he take an action that would be unheard of by any other President? Will he just cower in the corner?  We are concerned that he will take the middle road, which will be terrible for this country.

----C. Tom 
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April 07, 2012
As always lw you try to distort the truth. You have nothing to counter the truths in my blog so you do what your kind does, lie, whine, and yell racism like the B's you are.

You are far to stpd to have the slightest understanding of economics or what America is. All you know is the generations of welfare life.

You disgust me.