USDA Orders 100 Million Bullets
by HellFire
 USDA Orders 100 Million Bullets
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What in the bloody heck is the USDA in the name of the Forest Service ordering up to 100 million bullets? This is starting to get very scary. This type of purchasing is not routine and even if it was, why is the every department ordering on their own?  Why don't they combine their orders and get lower per unit costs? Oh yes, this is the government and they don't think that way!

Regardless, these massive orders, spread out throughout the government make me wonder what is going on? Are those who profess a doomsday scenario on the right track? Are we about to see something of which none of us would ever dream?  Could we be in the middle of a transition from a representative republic to a dictatorship? Are we living through a time not unlike what occurred in Germany in 1932? Is Obama the reincarnation of Hitler?

Lots of questions and no answers. Our earlier posting about the Department of Homeland Security has never been responded to  by the government and no news media outlet has even addressed the issue. The silence is deadly and makes us start to believe that we are on the right track. When there is a news blackout, it usually is being controlled by someone or some organization and the only one that is powerful enough is the White House.

C. Tom 
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April 09, 2012
LW- I have to agree with Mr. Fire here.

What is the USDA doing with all those bullets? Massive mad cow breakout on the horizon -possible vegan takeover with meat producers being lined up against the wall - a program to distribute bullets to Americans so we can hunt for our own food after the Rapture? And lastly, why does the United Square Dancers of America (USDA), want to kill a bunch of cows?

All kidding aside. This is a bizarre situation. I couldn't find anything in the news about this except from the "Liberty" types complaining about the liberal media covering this up. We on the left think it's the conservatives who have taken over the media, but that's another topic. I don't think Obama is the reincarnation of Hitler, Hellfire -programs such as this are more reminiscent of Bush II - which is even more scary - more giant steps backwards.

I will be seeking out answers from all sources. By the way, Homeland Security and the Patriot Act have always been embraced by the right-wingers. Now you see why us on the left were and are against this kind of evil-doer, big-brother stuff. Glad you could join me in agreement, finally.
April 07, 2012
As always lw you try to distort the truth. You have nothing to counter the truths in my blog so you do what your kind does, lie, whine, and yell racism like the B's you are.

You are far to stpd to have the slightest understanding of economics or what America is. All you know is the generations of welfare life.

You're so sad.