75 Years Ago Today.
by Thorin
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LAKEHURST, N.J. — Rocked by a terrific explosion, the German airship Hindenburg burst into flames here at 7:20 tonight [May 6] and crashed to the ground, carrying the crew and passengers to their death in a twisted blazing inferno. The blast occurred as the giant ship was preparing to land at the Naval Air Station at the conclusion of its first crossing of the season. Landing lines had been dropped and the ground crew was ready to haul the ship to the ground when the ship was broken by the explosion. Flames swept it from stem to stern. One hundred persons aboard, thirty-nine passengers and the crew of sixty-one, were believed to have perished. Lightning is thought to have struck the hydrogen-filled dirigible. The dirigible was approaching the mooring mast in a heavy rainstorm. It had been cruising around the airport since 6 p.m. waiting for the weather to clear. Throughout the period the thunder and lightning continued. The ship earlier had flown over New York City through a heavy electrical storm and it is thought this caused the craft to explode.
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May 06, 2012
IMHO, the remarks by MiddleORoad can hardly be considered to be middle of the road. He has repeatedly used slurs based upon ethnicity, race, political viewpoint, religion, occupation, physical attributes, mental abilities and I'm sure that this list isn't complete.

Has anyone noticed that MiddleORoad has failed to promote any politician running against President Obama? What's up?