Voter Fraud: The GOP Version.
by DubiousForever
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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The North Carolina Republican Party has fired a company paid to register new voters following cases of fraud uncovered in Florida.

North Carolina GOP spokesman Rob Lockwood said Monday the party has terminated its relationship with Strategic Allied Consulting, a private company paid more than $3 million to register voters in several presidential battleground states.

The State Board of Elections is alerting county officials to scrutinize all new voter registrations because of fraud concerns.

The move comes after Florida prosecutors began reviewing more than 100 suspect forms submitted by the company's employees in several counties.

The issue has become political baggage for Republicans, who have championed new laws requiring voters to present a government-issued photo ID to combat voter fraud they claimed had been perpetrated by left-leaning groups.

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November 03, 2012
Voter Fraud Arrest in Las Vegas!

Woman arrested on felony count of voter fraud for trying vote twice on Friday.

Investigators today arrested a Southern Nevada woman suspected of trying to vote twice this week at two different polling locations.

Roxanne Rubin was taken into custody as she arrived for work at the Riviera hotel-casino, investigators said. Rubin, 56, is a registered Republican who lives in Henderson, according to the Clark County Registrar.

Rubin allegedly cast a vote Monday at the Anthem Community Center in Henderson. Later that day, she tried to vote a second time at an early voting location on Eastern Avenue, investigators said.
October 11, 2012
A Republican precinct chairman running for a seat on the Fort Bend County Commissioner's Court has cast ballots in both Texas and Pennsylvania in the last three federal elections, official records in both states show.

Bruce J. Fleming, a Sugar Land resident running for Precinct 1 commissioner, voted in person in Sugar Land in 2006, 2008 and 2010 and by mail in each of those years in Yardley, Pa., according to election records in both states.

Fleming, who owns a home in Yardley, voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2008 presidential primary in Texas. His wife, Nancy Fleming, who is listed as a resident of Yardley, voted by mail in both places in the 2010 general election, records show.

"The less said is better," Bruce Fleming said when contacted by phone late Tuesday afternoon. "Until we can determine the situation, I can't really comment."

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Another Republican involved in voter fraud. Who would have ever thunk it?
October 01, 2012
An open letter from the GOP

Dear America,

You know we love freedom more than anyone can imagine. Who of you could imagine that we created a "Clean Air Act" that added pollution to the atmosphere? We do this all the time because we don't think Americans "can" imagine being duped so easily. Just recently, we created a voter fraud scare even though there's only been 16 cases of voter fraud in the past 10 years, in the entire country!

So now and then we do get caught red-handed with a little untruth telling. But we're working day and night on freedom. So don't let this little setback worry you none. We'll steal this election fair and square, just like we did before.
October 01, 2012
What I find disturbing in these allegations is the insidious nature of the fraud. The consulting firm is taking the names of people they suspect of voting Democratic and registering them with incorrect information. The election judges can delay the voter from receiving the ballot and also give them a provisional ballot which may not be counted. In addition, this delays the voting process for all voters which is going to be a significant issue in Florida due to the length of their ballots.

After all the rhetoric from the GOP about protecting the sanctity of the ballot box, the voter suppression tactics are at best "unpatriotic" and more likely, a smear on the entire party.
October 01, 2012