Finding Beeville in Michigan, a few observations on the Fiscal Cliff
by richardzowie
 From A to Zowie blog
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From A to Zowie

Finding Beeville in Michigan, a few observations on the Fiscal Cliff

By Richard Zowie

This past summer, during Fourth of July, I had a vacation. Things didn’t work out for me to return to South Texas, so I decided on a short road trip and stayed in a motel for a few days in a different city.

Goodbye, Vassar, Michigan, hello, Lansing.

While in Lansing, I walked downtown and then later went to a baseball game. I also had to deal with an unexpected auto repair, which was fun.

Well, not really.

Then, a friend and I went to a few thrift stores. I love t-shirts, so I looked to see what they had.

At one store, in the burnt orange section of the t-shirts, I found one that had a Trojan on it.

Could this be possible? I thought. After all, Lansing is about 1,500 miles from Beeville!

Sure enough, besides the Trojan logo, the shirt read “Beeville Trojans”.

“Hey!” I said to my friend. “Look at this!”

They looked and asked me the significance.

“This is where I went to high school!”

“In Texas?” they asked.

“Yep! South Texas.”

As I bought it, I found myself wondering how on earth the shirt made the long trip from Beeville to Michigan. Maybe someone from Beeville lived in Michigan and decided to get rid of the shirt (not me, by the way).

So now, the shirt is in my drawer. Most recently from a Birch Run, Mich. thrift store, I discovered a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt. Maybe sometime I’ll discover a Texas A&M t-shirt…

…The talk of a Fiscal Cliff makes me wonder if anybody in Washington D.C. has ever had to balance a checkbook or do their own budgeting. I doubt it. In my own house, I work two jobs and am taking care of my two youngest sons. There are lots of things we could really use, but even if it’s a need and not a want, it boils down to: can I afford it?

If not, it has to wait.

I suppose if I were in Congress, I could just write a check anyway. And when my bank sends me an overdraft notice, I’d take out a loan to pay the overdraft fees. And when I miss a loan payment, I’d take out another loan to pay for that. And on, and on, and on, until Judgment Day comes and nobody will offer me a new loan and any cash I have on me is worth dime-store toilet paper.

I don’t understand what is so difficult for Congress (particularly those who want to increase taxes and who feel that money to fund various programs like PBS magically materializes from thin air) that you CANNOT spend money you don’t have. I don’t understand what’s so difficult about that concept. Instead of being so quick to raise taxes, go through and get rid of unneeded or wasteful spending.

Billionaires George Soros and Warren Buffet are for tax increases and for bringing back estate taxes. One question I’d love to ask them: Considering our government is completely irresponsible with billions of tax dollars, why on earth should we give our government even more money to spend?

I wonder if Congress will reach some sort of compromise and make tax increases apply only to those who voted for President Obama’s re-election. You know, such as most of Hollywood, rapper Jay-Z…

Richard Zowie grew up in Beeville and is a 1991 graduate of A.C. Jones High School. He currently lives with his sons in Vassar, Michigan. Post your comments here or e-mail Richard at His blog is
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