Teh Sunday Sirmun – Don’t Cry Fur Me Argentina
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 Teh Sunday Sirmun – Don’t Cry Fur Me Argentina
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Confused kitteh don’t know what to believe.
Confused kitteh don’t know what to believe.
Publisher 1’s reaction to ACA.
Publisher 1’s reaction to ACA.
Publisher 2 reacts to ACA.
Publisher 2 reacts to ACA.
What conservative media tinks about the prezident.
What conservative media tinks about the prezident.

Lamentations 1

1 Oh noes! Kitteh is lonelyz cuz no mor peoplez. Kitteh like ladee with no boyfriendz. Kitteh wuz awsm, wuz princess citeh, now is lame.

2 Kitteh cryz!!11! Tearz is on cheekz. Kitteh haz no friendz cuz they stole her cheezbrgr.

3 Judah is exile cuz of teh bad stuffz. Out with teh nationz, no sleep for Judah! Pursuerz follows Kitteh into box!1!

4 Zion roadz is sad cuz nobdy likes them. Gatez iz emtiez. Preests iz complains. Girlz is sad while Kitteh iz sad.

5 Bad Kittehs in charge. Ceiling Cat iz angry cuz Kitteh wuz bad Kitteh. Beh beh kittehs in trouble now.

6 Daughter of Zion haz no splendors. Her princez r liek maisez w no cheezbrgrz and bein chased!

7 Jerusalem sad kitteh. Enemies iz mean!!1! Dey iz happy Kitteh iz sad. Dey eevn teezd Kitteh.

8 Jerusalem wuz bad Kitteh! Now wanderin jitteh. Nobody likes bad Kitteh. NO WANT!

9 Kitteh wuz durty. Very, very bad Kitteh. Emeny big. Bad for Kitteh.

10 Bad gaiz in Ceiling Cat's home. Ceiling cat tinks "GTFO".

11 Teh Kitteh's catz r sad too. Deh wantz cheezbrgrz. Dey trayded der stuffs fer sum cookiez. Dey saiz "Ceiling Cat, wez sorry, k? Srsly!"

12 "Hai! Uthr kitehz! No wun els iz az sad az us bcuz Ceiling Cat wuz not impressed.

13 "Ceiling Cat dun eated me an chekd me fur flayvur and mayd me wai tiered!

14 "He mayd us a punishez and gived us too teh dawgz!

15 "He skwashed all my frenz an tolded ppl 2 skwashed mai kitehz!

16 "I iz sad.

17 Zion sayz "I can haz frenz?" but nobudy givz belly rubz.

18 "Ceiling Cat is da boss but made me sad! All my hotties wer stoled!

19 "I talkd 2 mai gerlfren but she leyed! And teh pplz stoped givin me cookiez!

20 "Hai Ceiling Cat, NO WANT!!1! I was kinna bad but dis suxs!

21 "Wen ai purz nobudy cumz an ai iz sad!

22 "Mayk teh bad gaiz sad like me, k? KTNXBY!



Fur valubel infurmation abowt teh Affordable Care Act plez czech thez lynx:


The Affordable Care Act Part I: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act Part II: The Current Healthcare System

The Affordable Care Act Part III: Fixing a Broken System

The Affordable Care Act Part IV: Understanding Health Exchanges

The Affordable Care Act Part V: Mental Health

The Affordable Care Act Part VI: Consumer Protection

The Affordable Care Act Part VII: Shifting Costs

The Affordable Care Act Part VIII: Innovative Studies

The Affordable Care Act Part IX: Follow the Money

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September 23, 2013
New Data Reveals Young Americans Continue to Benefit from the ACA

[WASHINGTON]— Over 1.3 million more young adults (ages 19 to 25) have health insurance since the Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2010. According to the new report, since 2009, the un-insurance rate for that age group dropped from 31.4% to 27.2%. Despite the gains, 8.2 million young people still do not have health insurance. Starting October 1, nearly 3.5 million of these young people could be eligible Medicaid coverage if all states agreed to expand their programs, and nearly 4.0 million will be eligible for premium tax credits.

The new data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey’s (CPS) Annual Social and Economic Supplement. The questions were asked in March 2013 about respondents’ status in 2012. Previous data from the National Health Interview Survey found an even more robust estimate of the number of young adults that have gained coverage after the Affordable Care Act’s passage.

“We are encouraged by this new data as it reveals that the Affordable Care Act is working for young Americans, but we know that there is still a lot of work to be done to make sure that every young adult has quality, affordable health coverage,” said Rory O’Sullivan, Policy and Research Director at Young Invincibles. “As we head towards open enrollment, educating the up to 7.4 million young adults that could be eligible for free or reduced-cost coverage is critical to reducing young adult uninsurance rates.”

Starting October 1st, the public will be able to learn about and enroll in coverage on the new Health Insurance Marketplaces. Recent polling from Reuters/Ipsos found that one-third of uninsured young adults have said they are already “very” or “somewhat” likely to buy insurance through their state’s insurance exchange.

Young Invincibles is in the midst of a nationwide campaign designed to inform this generation about coming changes and new options. The campaign includes health care “train the trainers” to insure that community leaders are informed about new changes; a website with FAQs to educate consumers and advocates; and a mobile app to help consumers learn about their options and find local healthcare services. For more information, go to health.younginvincibles.org.
September 22, 2013
I wonder how much extra the reporters saw in their paycheck? LOL!