"Low-Fat" French Fries?
by Beeville
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“Low fat” french fries? Really? Burger King, a fast food chain I know and loathe, has officially added “Satisfries” to their menu. 

The company boasts that their new concoction has 30% less fat and 20% fewer calories than their current french fries. Oh Burger King, where do I begin? 

The new french fry recipe came about as a result of the widespread obesity epidemic. 1/3 of Americans are currently obese and many are struggling with health problems such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. 

As consumers become more aware of health risks due to food choices, the demand for healthier options leaves greasy fast food “restaurants” with a dilemma. Grilled chicken and salad options have suddenly appeared on drive-thru menus nationwide. So what’s the problem? Fast food chains are just doing their best to jump on board the health train right? Wrong. 

A salad isn’t healthy simply because it’s a salad. Ingredients make all the difference. Pour on the hefty serving of dressing that comes with it and you’ve just added over 100 calories to your meal. 

While everyone needs a quick meal option every once in a while, chances are that those zooming through a Burger King drive-thru aren’t too considered about their health. French fries are french fries. The new “low-fat” french fries are still damaging to your health, the same way the old french fries are. Both options include essentially the same ingredients. The “low-fat” option simply has a different amount of ingredients.

Most of us have a tendency to “even things out,” often subconsciously. Don’t think that choosing the “low-fat” french fries means you can order a medium instead of a small, or have an extra large soda. It doesn’t work that way.

Alex Macedo, president of Burger King North America, was quoted by USA TODAY as saying, “This will grow, just like diet soda grew over time.”

This just goes to show how unconcerned those at the top of many fast food chains are with public health.

To Macedo, the “low-fat” fry is a trend and a money-maker, much like diet soda. 

Well I’m on the topic, let’s discuss the “diet soda is healthy” myth. Simply put, the artificial sugars in diet soda confuse your body, which can lead to overeating and can damage your metabolism. When you then consume actual sugar, your body doesn’t know how to process it properly and your system becomes completely out-of-whack.

That said, let me get back to the real issue. CEO’s and heads of fast food companies know unhealthy and damaging their food is, they just don’t care.

As long as you are still willing to risk your health and destroy your body for a greasy happy meal overloaded with sodium, artificial ingredients, fat and calories, the masterminds behind the menus will continue to come up with ways to con you into thinking you are making a “healthier” choice. Satisfries or not, the healthy choice at Burger King is still no Burger King.

- L. Shaffer

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September 24, 2013
I guess that nothing is happening in Beeville based upon this blog. How about some LOLCats instead?