Struggling student to high school principal: Berna...
by William J. Gibbs Jr.
08:00 AM, Friday, November 25
BEEVILLE – What is the next step for someone who, for 45 years, has helped to mold many a young mind through her service to the public education system in South Texas? “I interviewed yesterday with Southwest Airlines as a flight attendant,” said D...

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CBC Phi Theta Kappa inductees honored in special ceremony
BEEVILLE – In honor of academic excellence, Coastal Bend College recently hosted a special induction ceremony for the...
04:00 PM, Wednesday, November 23
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Pettus Secondary School strives to make grade
PETTUS – In the wake of the Pettus Secondary School narrowly missing the mark in two of four indexes related to its p...
08:00 AM, Tuesday, November 22
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CBC Upward Bound Program provides students with cultural e...
BEEVILLE – The Upward Bound (UB) program at Coastal Bend College provides students with the opportunity to attend a v...
04:00 PM, Thursday, November 17
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S-T will ‘do more with less’ after bond issue fails
SKIDMORE – Forty-two is the number of votes that meant the defeat of a proposal that would have allowed the Skidmore-...
08:00 AM, Monday, November 14
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Student exchange program seeks volunteers
BEEVILLE – The World Heritage Student Exchange Program is seeking representatives to work with volunteer host familie...
04:00 PM, Thursday, November 10
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Grant funds help Pawnee ISD keep up with technological times
PAWNEE – Later this year, all pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade students in the Pawnee Independent School District...
07:00 AM, Thursday, November 03
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Globaloria launches ‘Game Inventor’ course in Beeville ISD
BEEVILLE – Beeville ISD continues to innovate. One hundred educators and education leaders gathered together on Monda...
08:00 AM, Monday, October 31
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Pawnee keeping up with the Joneses with grant
PAWNEE – Later this year, all pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade students in the Pawnee Independent School District...
12:00 PM, Sunday, October 23
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Bernal set to retire
BEEVILLE – All things — even 45-year-long educational careers — eventually must end. In December, Dee Dee Bernal will...
08:00 AM, Sunday, October 23
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Bond election on Skidmore-Tynan ballot
Skidmore-Tynan Independent School District bond election Frequently Asked Questions On Aug. 8, the S-TISD board of tr...
12:00 PM, Saturday, October 22
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Donors match $25K donation to college foundation from Dirks
BEEVILLE – What is more fitting than a toast praising the man who helped the Coastal Bend College Foundation raise $5...
08:00 AM, Monday, October 10
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Tax vote strums up new money for students in Beeville schools
Superintendent touts orchestra in elementary grades
12:00 PM, Sunday, October 09
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College board adopts slight tax increase
BEEVILLE – Taxpayers can expect to pay a bit more to fund the operation of the Coastal Bend College during the 2017 f...
08:00 AM, Monday, October 03
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Junior high shines with prestigious state honor
SKIDMORE – Dana Scott isn’t your typical junior high principal. Yes, she has the necessary master’s degree, but she d...
04:00 PM, Sunday, October 02
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BISD voters to decide today if tax swap should be allowed
BEEVILLE – Voters in the Beeville school district are being asked now to decide if a tax swap should be allowed by ad...
10:00 AM, Saturday, October 01
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