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Fired George West Police Chief Responds to City Council — (Posted May 27, 2015)
Garcia addresses the City Council and the public at a special session of the Council May 22.
New County Judge Outlines Her Goals (Posted May 27, 2015)
Stephanie Silvas reveals her plans as judge at Commissions Court meeting May 26.

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Velma Gonzales photo

David Ishmael of Dallas, Southcross vice president of operations and engineering, cuts the red ribbon dedicating the Bonnie View Community Center on May 15. Ishmael is flanked by Refugio County Judge Bobby Blaschke to the left and County Commissioner David Vega to the right. Others to Vega's right are Greg Evans, director of plant operations, former Commissioner Stanley Tuttle, Commissioner Ann Lopez and former County Treasurer Elaine Henning. Behind Henning in the red shirt is Woodsboro school district Superintendent Jeff Dyer. To County Judge Bashcke's left is James Vega, Mog Arzola and Tyler Barton, plant supervisor of the Woodsboro plant.
Lisa Brown photo
Refugio's Jesse Juarez earned points for the team in the 200-meter dash at the state track meet in Austin.
Lisa Brown photo
Refugio's Jesse Juarez earned points for the team in the 200-meter dash at the state track meet in Austin.
Coy Slavik photo
Refugio's Felicia Wills earned a second place medal for her efforts in the state track meet this past weekend.
Neil Tucker photo
Bobcat Tyler Castellano makes contact at the plate for the Bobcats during the area playoff game this past week.
Richard Fierova photo 
Joshua Alan Fierova graduated, with honors, this past Friday from Texas A&M University Kingsville with a bachelor of science mechanical engineering degree. Josh will begin his career in Groton, Connecticut, as an Engineer I working for the Waterfront Division supporting Virginia Class submarines sometime in July.
Gas well blowout forces evacuation of local residents
Contributed photo
Bayside Volunteer Firefighter's were recognized during the fourth annual Ladies Guild Appreciation Banquet, Monday, May 18.

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