Technology & the study of the Texas Horned Lizard


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Saturday, August 9


Barnhart Ranch & Nature Retreat, 8212 FM 883, Berclair, TX 78107
The Barnhart Ranch & Nature Retreat is located on FM 883, just off Hwy 59 halfway between Beeville & Goliad. Questions or for further information about the Mid-Coast Chapter Texas Master Naturalist visit our website or email


The Mid-Coast Chapter Texas Master Naturalists invite you to hear biologist Ashley Wall explain the technology used in the ongoing efforts to study the Texas Horned Lizard in two south Texas towns and the discoveries made about their struggle to survive. After the presentation, we will be introduced to the Texas Nature Tracker - Horned Lizard Watch and have to opportunity to participate in this volunteer service as we walk the grounds of the Barnhart Ranch & Nature Retreat to look for members of the local horned lizard population.

You are also invited to bring your lunch and stay for the Mid-Coast Chapter Texas Master Naturalist quarterly meeting.