Pawnee G/T Program accepting applications


Monday, March 17 - Friday, April 4




Nominations for the 2013/14 Gifted and Talented program are being accepted at Pawnee Independent School District. Pawnee ISD identifies and serves students in the Gifted/Talented Program who exhibit exceptional potential in general intellectual ability.
According to research, a gifted/talented child is usually more advanced in processing knowledge and information, more mature developmentally and more sophisticated in product or work performance than his or her peers. Such students are capable of high performance, particularly when they experience differentiated education. Students must be nominated and tested prior to joining the G/T program.
Nominations may be made by a parent, teacher or anyone with knowledge of the student’s abilities. Nominations for the 2013/2014 school year are due no later than Friday, April 4. Nomination forms are available at the Pawnee ISD main office.