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K3BM_big_20chapel_201.jpg Oak Park Memorials Newest Edition to Come by oakpark
Jun 13, 2011 | 0 0 comments | 18 18 recommendations | email to a friend
Oak Park Memorial and Riley-Gardner Memorial Monuments have agreed to bring Bee County and South Texas a retail and wholesale monument outlet. This will provide the Oak Park customer base a high quality monument at affordable pricing and Riley-Gardner will distribute monuments throughout South Te...
Our Family Caring For Your Family Oak Park Memorial and Facebook by oakpark
Jun 09, 2011 | 0 0 comments | 12 12 recommendations | email to a friend
Oak Park Memorial has created a Facebook Page! We will keep it updated as frequently as possible with events, news, and information for our community. Go and "like" it today!!!/pages/Beeville-TX/Oak-Park-Memor...
C3KC_billcollet.jpg Change? by HellFire
Jun 09, 2011 | 2 2 comments | 21 21 recommendations | email to a friend
June 30, 2011, remember that date.  The Fed’s QE2, quantitative easing II, the printing press have been busy printing billons in greenbacks. In recent months, the Fed bought $600 billion in treasury bonds, that’s unsecured government debt if you did not know.  This follows QE1 that ran from March...
Getting Ready NOT ZOMBIES IT's ZUMBA TIME by Davemooreford
Jun 09, 2011 | 0 0 comments | 11 11 recommendations | email to a friend
Its ZUMBA time again at Dave Moore Ford.  Tonight at 6  and from 8-10 there will be a band.  Come on down and see us and join the fun..
Anthony Weiner My Favorite Liberal Democrat by Saltpork
Jun 08, 2011 | 11 11 comments | 15 15 recommendations | email to a friend
What have we here?  Oops!  First he lied, then he lied some more, then more until finally he cried and lied some more.  I guess Pelosi is pretty upset she didn't get a "tweeet." Wouldn't Weiner's behavior be pretty normal in Pelosi's San Francisco district?      
J1XN_c.jpg Remember Them Forever by oakpark
Jun 06, 2011 | 0 0 comments | 13 13 recommendations | email to a friend
Oak Park Memorial Funeral Chapel brings you Loving Memories Etched in Stone with Riley Gardner Memorial Monuments Monuments are an Expression of Love expressing the affection of the family... A Reflection of One's Life...A memorial in honor of your loved one Oak Park Memorial invites you to visit...
541T_photo.JPG Thank You to Our Veterans!! by oakpark
May 31, 2011 | 0 0 comments | 17 17 recommendations | email to a friend
Oak Park Memorial was part of the ceremony held at Beeville Veterans Memorial Park on Memorial Day to honor our veterans. This event was sponsored and presented by members of the Veterans Foreign Wars, American Legion, and Vietnam Veterans Association. Oak Park Memorial passed out flags so that f...
The Feasibility of Freelance Writing Jobs by DonnaScott
May 16, 2011 | 0 0 comments | 12 12 recommendations | email to a friend
Becoming a freelance writer is steadily gaining popularity with the increasing use of the Internet. You will see that a quick search on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing will yield several million results when you type in the keywords “freelance writing jobs”. Whilst there are ...
871E_democratjackass.jpg Obama Lies About Uncle In Military by HellFire
May 31, 2011 | 13 13 comments | 27 27 recommendations | email to a friend
Obama lies, lies and tells more lies.  Here are some film clips that have obama caught in outright lies about his uncle in the military.  Obama is disgusting claiming that his uncle was one of the first soldiers in Auschwitz and does not know Russian soldiers were the ones that freed the concentr...
H4Z5_Cox.JPG Congratulations Tracey Cox! by haciendaoaks
May 26, 2011 | 0 0 comments | 18 18 recommendations | email to a friend
Congratulations Tracey Cox on completion of our Short Term Rehabilitation Program! Tracey Cox arrived at Hacienda Oaks May 10 2011 weak from a recent hospital stay at Christus Spohn Shoreline Hospital in Corpus Christi.  On Monday May 23, 2011 Mr. Cox was able to return home walking with a walker...
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Turn the clock back to ’69. All the teams were seated around the infield of the Little League Baseball field. My twin brother, ...
iStockphoto My secret to a healthy body by KeithWommack
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When in high school, I experimented, not with drugs, but with something quite different. My interest was not the norm. I wanted...
Glow Images - model used for illustrative purposes Want a healthy body? Learn to listen by KeithWommack
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