Skid-Mart Storage Buildings Hwy

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Skid-Mart Storage Buildings
Hwy. 359
Skidmore, TX 78389
As required, this is notice of intent to auction the following units. Sale will go to the highest bidder in cash! No checks or credit cards.
Sale Date/Time:
Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012
10:00 a.m.
Located at Hwy. 359
Skidmore, TX
Blanca Alvarado: Unit 306
Household goods
Lucio Landaverde: Unit 406
Household goods
Maria A. Gutierrez: Unit 404
Household goods
Mary E. Gomez: Unit 303
Household goods
Pedro Amador: Unit 106
Household goods
Raymond Hernandez: Unit 113
Household goods
Rosario A. Gonzales: Unit 107
Household goods
Tomas Balderas: Unit 305
Household goods
Tomas H. Perez: Unit 302
Household goods