Inhome Pet Care Service

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Beeville area, TX 78102
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I am a pet owner (Rocco, Jack, and our cat Rufus), pet lover, and pet rescuer. I know the stress of having to board a pet. It is hard to travel, whether for pleasure, business, or family emergency when you are stressed over your pet(s) left behind. We think of our pets as a member of our family. I am here to offer my inhome pet care services. This allows you to travel with the peace of mind in knowing that your pet(s)is in their own home. They can be cared for in the comfort and peace of their familiar surroundings versus a noisy, unfamiliar kennel. My service is available for a day, week, or longer at reasonable rates. I come to them once or twice per day at a fraction of the cost of a boarding kennel. I also provide day services, such as walking dogs, feeding and watering or whatever is needed while you are away from your home for the day.  Please contact me at 361-542-4423 or email me at with any questions or to schedule a home visit.


Cost is based on number of pets and number of times per day required to visit home.