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S. Riverdale Ln., Goliad, TX 77963
S. Riverdale Ln., 5 miles north of Hwy 59


I lost my dog Saturday 1/4/14 off of S. Riverdale Ln. She is a tri-color (mostly black with white chest and feet) pit mix, about 60 lb. She answers to the name Hallie Berry. She has two collars on: one black leather about two inches wide with her name imprinted on it, and one silver choke chain. The choke chain has tags, one with my phone number and a rabies tag from the A&M Vet school. Hallie is also microchipped. She is likely very cold and hungry, but is also shy, so if you cannot catch her, I would appreciate it greatly if you could put food out and call me. I will come anytime, but I do live in College Station, so it is about three hours till I can be there. If you catch her and cannot keep her, you can take her to any shelter or vet clinic and they will call me. I appreciate any help y'all can give me. I miss my baby girl. Please call at 760-803-0492 (same number as on her tags) or call the A&M Vet School.