Unified but different
by Chip Latcham
03:00 PM, Wednesday, April 16
Praise to the Beeville Ministerial Alliance. ...although its members would be the first to say all praise should be directed to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Actually, what they accomplished was to make a few changes to this community’s Holy W...

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Grab your coat, mittens & enjoy winter festivities
For two weekends in succession, Beeville will don its finest holiday apparel in an attempt to attract visitors as wel...
04:16 PM, Wednesday, November 28
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Farewell to a legendary Dude
Skidmore-Tynan Independent School District, and all of Bee County, lost a dedicated champion of education last week. ...
02:51 PM, Wednesday, November 21
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Turkeys and angels Toys for Tots presents holiday opportunity
Maybe it’s the cooler weather, the Black Friday specials or that Thanksgiving’s just around the corner... But it seem...
05:02 PM, Friday, November 16
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Veterans appreciated in these tense times
While Americans continue to dissect the election ramifications and how our nation seems hopelessly divided, the world...
12:47 PM, Friday, November 09
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Hoping for change this time
The re-election of Barack Obama is a tough pill for fiscal conservatives to swallow, but the country has voted. The p...
04:03 PM, Wednesday, November 07
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Don’t forget to vote
Early voting ended Friday, Nov. 2, at the courthouse. On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 17 precinct polling places wi...
03:26 PM, Friday, November 02
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Few contested local races remain on Tuesday’s ballot
With less than a week to go, early voting interest in the general election in Bee County has been steady. Mirella Esc...
02:44 PM, Thursday, November 01
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Let’s keep our junior ROTC afloat
More than 80 students doing anything at A.C. Jones High School would appear to be a significant participation. Few cl...
03:29 PM, Friday, October 26
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Romney, Zaffirini, Lozano earn election nod
Early voting began Monday at the courthouse in this year’s general election, which should be hotly contested thanks t...
02:52 PM, Wednesday, October 24
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Hughes, BDA, GPS guiding oil, gas companies our way
Beeville has been unusually blessed with a multitude of patron saints over the years – like the Dougherty and Joe Bar...
02:49 PM, Friday, October 19
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Cowboys commemorated
“Little Joe” (Michael Landon) of Bonanza television fame starred at the rodeo performances 50 years ago. Also, future...
04:23 PM, Wednesday, October 17
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Deplorable conditions at Expo Center unacceptable
The good news is that Western Week is riding back into town next week. The bad news is that the celebration is return...
03:00 PM, Friday, October 12
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Media exacerbated outcome of debate
Last week’s presidential debate has surprised both liberals and conservatives as to its undeniable outcome. Both side...
03:22 PM, Wednesday, October 10
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Chamber tributes deserved
Thursday night’s Bee County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Center banquet was overflowing with representatives from th...
09:18 AM, Monday, October 08
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Shaken community needs murderer brought to justice
It’s incomprehensible. A week has passed, and Beeville area residents remain stunned by the brazen pre-dawn murder of...
11:38 AM, Thursday, October 04
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