CBC at a crossroads; changes necessary, inevitable
by Jeff Latcham
03:00 PM, Wednesday, April 23
Ancient mapmakers sometimes noted in the space beyond the known coastlines that, “There be sea monsters here.” In the races to fill three Coastal Bend College board seats, we should all be able to agree there are no sea monsters running here. Ever...

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Steer clear of driver fatigue
Many of us have been there, and it’s a precarious place to be. In this week’s Progress, our sister newspaper, the lea...
05:00 PM, Wednesday, February 13
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If it’s February, it must be time for some football
Days after the Super Bowl, the head-scratching, 34-minute power outage’s cause remains uncertain. Beyonce’s electrify...
08:36 PM, Thursday, February 07
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Help energize our youth
Maybe it’s because it hasn’t been freezing cold, or people’s focus has been on other pressing matters, the Eagle Ford...
02:53 PM, Wednesday, January 30
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All should tap the brakes on criticism
Both sides have valid points in the latest Beeville City Council vs. Bee Development Authority confrontation. First, ...
12:43 PM, Tuesday, January 29
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Who’s your Scrapdaddy?
Some highly unusual art exhibits have come to the Beeville Art Museum in the past. We can recall artists from all ove...
03:09 PM, Wednesday, January 23
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Breaking another barrier
For the first time in its 21 years of existence, the service celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will ...
04:51 PM, Friday, January 18
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Sparking a tribute
What better way to honor the memory of the man who made it all possible. Last Friday, members of the A.C. Jones High ...
09:02 AM, Thursday, January 17
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Don’t let flu get you
The flu outbreak in 2013 is expected to be among the worst in a decade, warns the Centers for Disease Control and Pre...
04:12 PM, Wednesday, January 09
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Have a safe new year
By the time you all are reading this, 2013 has arrived – hopefully without a bang. A reminder for those who still fee...
02:00 PM, Wednesday, January 02
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Don’t expect economic recovery in new year
Businesses – particularly small businesses – face much uncertainty going into 2013. While there is always economic un...
04:12 PM, Friday, December 28
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Now more than ever, we need love, faith
Why? Five days after the nation’s latest senseless mass school shooting, Americans are still having great difficulty ...
03:56 PM, Wednesday, December 19
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Elves and grinches populate our town
It seems that every year before Christmas, the Beeville area is visited by dozens of Santa’s helpers and a few grinch...
03:00 PM, Friday, December 14
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Community counting on good hospital services
Many observers were startled last weekend when they read that a recent health industry report had given the local hos...
12:04 PM, Thursday, December 13
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Stars of wonder...
Just how big is the Eagle Ford Shale development? Well, it’s big enough to show up as its own constellation in satell...
03:38 PM, Friday, December 07
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Opportunities to share abound
Despite the immense blessing that the Eagle Ford Shale boom has meant to Bee County and this region, many families he...
05:39 PM, Wednesday, December 05
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