Your future is calling
by Jeff Latcham
09:30 AM, Friday, May 06
Saturday’s elections are finally upon us and the city council, school board, college board and city water bond proposal will all be laid to rest... we hope. At the top of the debate is the bond proposal to drill 4-6 wells at Chase Field, build som...

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Earthquake? Are we fracking up?
No sooner than we had heard the report of an earthquake centered just west of Karnes City Thursday morning than someo...
11:18 AM, Friday, October 21
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Fast and fabulous
If the high-speed one-mile stretch of runway at Chase Field is going to be the premier attraction here this weekend.....
03:43 PM, Wednesday, October 19
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Find another ‘occupation’
Hundreds of people will descend on Beeville this weekend. Thankfully, they are coming for Western Week or to celebrat...
04:00 PM, Friday, October 14
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Western fun returns to city
Real autumn weather has arrived – the cool, crisp variety. And we even have been blessed with some beneficial rain. N...
04:49 PM, Wednesday, October 12
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Tragedy illustrates ticking bomb of family violence
The events of last Friday morning continue to baffle citizens of this region. How could something so violent and sens...
03:00 PM, Wednesday, October 05
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Growth should be coordinated for all
With the opening of dove season, along with the Eagle Ford Shale boom, vacant motel rooms likely were a scarce commod...
04:27 PM, Wednesday, September 28
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Got growth?
If you happen to notice welts on the arms of longtime Beeville residents, rest assured they’re not abused. They’re ju...
03:00 PM, Friday, September 23
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Inspiring place to Bee
It has been almost a week and we still have great feelings about this year’s Chamber of Commerce banquet. It was an i...
04:03 PM, Wednesday, September 21
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From gold to go-carts, city has unique venues
A golden opportunity awaits those searching for something new and different to do this weekend in and near Beeville. ...
02:58 PM, Friday, September 16
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Big changes in the offing
This week’s major announcement that state Rep. José Aliseda will not seek re-election to the Texas House of Represent...
12:05 PM, Wednesday, September 14
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Viva Fiesta and thanks, vets and first responders
This weekend Bee County citizens have the opportunity to commemorate both our vibrant Mexican cultural heritage and o...
12:30 PM, Friday, September 09
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Help needed as wildfires destroy homes, lives
If you were outside this weekend, particularly Sunday or Monday, you probably could smell the fires burning and see t...
02:23 PM, Wednesday, September 07
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Drivers issued Labor Day warning
Area residents were saddened to read about last Saturday’s tragic auto accident near George West which claimed the li...
02:51 PM, Friday, September 02
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Chamber critical to Beeville’s growth; why gut it?
For your consideration: •Sinton, population 5,426; •George West, population 2,206; •Karnes City, population 3,424; •G...
05:52 PM, Friday, August 26
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Regional water woes grow
At the risk of appearing to go to the well too often... We offer another prime example as to why Beeville’s leaders m...
04:32 PM, Wednesday, August 24
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