Reinforcing conservation
by Chip Latcham
03:00 PM, Wednesday, July 16
We knew it wouldn’t last. The wetter, cooler May-June has turned back into the customary hot, dry July, and our nearby lake levels are dropping accordingly. Just a week ago, Corpus Christi officials announced that city was implementing stage 2 wat...

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Don’t let flu get you
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Elves and grinches populate our town
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03:00 PM, Friday, December 14
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Community counting on good hospital services
Many observers were startled last weekend when they read that a recent health industry report had given the local hos...
12:04 PM, Thursday, December 13
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Stars of wonder...
Just how big is the Eagle Ford Shale development? Well, it’s big enough to show up as its own constellation in satell...
03:38 PM, Friday, December 07
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Opportunities to share abound
Despite the immense blessing that the Eagle Ford Shale boom has meant to Bee County and this region, many families he...
05:39 PM, Wednesday, December 05
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Playing with fire Not having sufficient water
Visitors to the Lake Corpus Christi area over the Thanksgiving weekend were shocked and surprised to see a huge fire,...
01:53 PM, Friday, November 30
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Grab your coat, mittens & enjoy winter festivities
For two weekends in succession, Beeville will don its finest holiday apparel in an attempt to attract visitors as wel...
04:16 PM, Wednesday, November 28
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Farewell to a legendary Dude
Skidmore-Tynan Independent School District, and all of Bee County, lost a dedicated champion of education last week. ...
02:51 PM, Wednesday, November 21
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Turkeys and angels Toys for Tots presents holiday opportunity
Maybe it’s the cooler weather, the Black Friday specials or that Thanksgiving’s just around the corner... But it seem...
05:02 PM, Friday, November 16
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Veterans appreciated in these tense times
While Americans continue to dissect the election ramifications and how our nation seems hopelessly divided, the world...
12:47 PM, Friday, November 09
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Hoping for change this time
The re-election of Barack Obama is a tough pill for fiscal conservatives to swallow, but the country has voted. The p...
04:03 PM, Wednesday, November 07
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Don’t forget to vote
Early voting ended Friday, Nov. 2, at the courthouse. On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 17 precinct polling places wi...
03:26 PM, Friday, November 02
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