In all things, give thanks
by Chip Latcham
03:00 PM, Wednesday, November 25
As 2015 speeds into the end-of-year holiday season, there are many reasons to be thankful. Obviously, first thoughts turn to the Thanksgiving feast with family and friends, as well as remembering those who have preceded us and our Creator. Despite...

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From gold to go-carts, city has unique venues
A golden opportunity awaits those searching for something new and different to do this weekend in and near Beeville. ...
02:58 PM, Friday, September 16
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Big changes in the offing
This week’s major announcement that state Rep. José Aliseda will not seek re-election to the Texas House of Represent...
12:05 PM, Wednesday, September 14
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Viva Fiesta and thanks, vets and first responders
This weekend Bee County citizens have the opportunity to commemorate both our vibrant Mexican cultural heritage and o...
12:30 PM, Friday, September 09
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Help needed as wildfires destroy homes, lives
If you were outside this weekend, particularly Sunday or Monday, you probably could smell the fires burning and see t...
02:23 PM, Wednesday, September 07
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Drivers issued Labor Day warning
Area residents were saddened to read about last Saturday’s tragic auto accident near George West which claimed the li...
02:51 PM, Friday, September 02
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Chamber critical to Beeville’s growth; why gut it?
For your consideration: •Sinton, population 5,426; •George West, population 2,206; •Karnes City, population 3,424; •G...
05:52 PM, Friday, August 26
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Regional water woes grow
At the risk of appearing to go to the well too often... We offer another prime example as to why Beeville’s leaders m...
04:32 PM, Wednesday, August 24
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Developing or dusty?
Hot and dry is becoming so monotonous and predictable. Weathermen now are indicating this La Niña weather pattern cou...
01:42 PM, Friday, August 19
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Our parks will shine ...but be careful with city reserves
Beeville’s city parks are finally going to receive a badly needed face-lift. At Wednesday’s meeting before a standing...
08:04 AM, Monday, August 15
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City must address water issue now
Reports in recent weeks coming from the Beeville Water Supply District should be setting off alarm bells at City Hall...
11:37 AM, Wednesday, August 10
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Goodbye, TAKS; good riddance
The final round of TAKS scores has been announced, to the glee and groans of county school administrators, trustees a...
12:06 PM, Wednesday, August 03
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Warning to game room workers, customers
What are the odds? It seems as though every year it happens again like clockwork. A tropical storm pops into the Gulf...
02:21 PM, Friday, July 29
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Foreign concept right at home
Independence Day has already been celebrated, as has the “wedding of the century” featuring William and Kate. Yet, be...
01:20 PM, Thursday, July 28
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Technologically challenged
It’s a funny thing being in the communications business. Sometimes we simply have a failure to communicate. Take the ...
04:41 PM, Friday, July 22
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Fourth of July team effort commended
It’s truly amazing what this community can accomplish when we pull together for the common good. Several days later c...
10:09 AM, Saturday, July 09
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