In all things, give thanks
by Chip Latcham
03:00 PM, Wednesday, November 25
As 2015 speeds into the end-of-year holiday season, there are many reasons to be thankful. Obviously, first thoughts turn to the Thanksgiving feast with family and friends, as well as remembering those who have preceded us and our Creator. Despite...

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American ingenuity should result in prosperity
As Americans charge headlong into this Fourth of July weekend, Bee Countians should be especially thankful – not only...
03:15 PM, Saturday, July 02
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Disaster declared
It’s official. We’re living in a disaster area. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated Bee County and all ...
04:40 PM, Wednesday, June 29
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With debt out of control, prudence is the word
We can only assume every household in Bee County has already put aside its $528,000 share in unfunded obligations USA...
02:57 PM, Sunday, June 26
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Rain, rain, come this way; please fall again day after day
Just yesterday morning, a gentleman-rancher stopped by our office to visit about the prolonged drought and its negati...
06:37 AM, Friday, June 24
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Great plans for workout
With children enjoying summer vacation and the Father’s Day weekend approaching, families are looking forward to outd...
03:02 PM, Wednesday, June 15
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Weather or not... be ready
It’s June, time for summer vacation, and all many folks are talking about is the early heat wave. According to the Te...
03:58 PM, Saturday, June 11
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All’s well with flags, Mile
Thank goodness the mystery has been solved and the missing flags from the Veterans Monument have been found, unharmed...
03:00 PM, Friday, June 03
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Aliseda accumulates Austin accolades
It probably comes as no surprise to his many friends in Bee County that Rep. José Aliseda arrived in Austin ready to ...
03:00 PM, Wednesday, June 01
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Thanks, vets, Sikorsky & Kay
As Bee Countians speed off to view the inaugural Texas Mile event hosted at Chase Field, or onto the highways to enjo...
03:00 PM, Friday, May 27
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Boom heard long, loud
The news just keeps getting better and better. In our last edition, we reported that Crescent Services, LLC, will bui...
03:00 PM, Wednesday, May 25
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Sacrifice remembered
Almost everyone is greatly anticipating the many exciting activities next week. High school graduation ceremonies wil...
04:00 PM, Friday, May 20
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Good call, Mayor
Some people are reluctant to toot their own horn... Or rev their engine and blast away from the starting line to try ...
03:00 PM, Wednesday, May 18
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When it rains, it pours
Hooray, as we write this, it’s raining again – finally! It may not be enough to salvage this year’s crops and certain...
04:30 PM, Friday, May 13
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Perry threatens damage to state with misguided A&M, UT plans
Count us among conservatives who are not impressed with Gov. Rick Perry’s assault on higher education, particularly a...
11:28 AM, Friday, May 13
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Obama’s attack on industry
You might think that a U.S. company’s decision to expand its manufacturing facilities and create 1,000 new jobs here ...
11:26 AM, Friday, May 13
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