Aliseda files first bills
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This week the legislative session really began to pick up. With the appointment of committees last week, the hard work begins for the session.

I filed my first three bills this week: HB 1188, which allows counties to receive full reimbursement for indigent health care that they are required to provide. HB 1315, which is a local bill that will allow Atascosa County to use its hotel occupancy tax for an economic development fund. And, HB 1540, which would allow liquor stores to be open on Sundays. This bill is estimated to bring in between $7-$12 million dollars while not being a new tax.

I have also begun work on several bills that will address voter fraud issues, particularly concerning mail-in ballot fraud. This is an issue that has come to the forefront with occurrences in the past election cycles and I’m hopeful that my serving on the House Select Committee on Voter ID and Voter Fraud will allow me to finally do something about it. My goal is to protect the integrity of every single vote that is cast in our state.

I also began work on a bill that will make the optional tire disposal fee mandatory when a person purchases new car tires. Texas has a serious problem with old tires being discarded on roadways and on people’s private property. My hope is that making the fee mandatory, like it is with car batteries, will lead to more people turning in their old tires so that they may be properly disposed of.

In other news, the Senate passed its version of the Voter ID bill and it will be referred to the Select Committee on which I serve. I’m eager to begin work on this important legislation. The Senate also passed the Sonogram bill this week and it will be heard by the House sometime in the near future. This is another important bill that I am proud to support because it allows an expectant mother to make a fully informed choice by seeing and hearing her unborn child before having an abortion. As always, I welcome your comments. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my staff and let your voice be heard during this session.
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February 25, 2011
A mandatory disposal fee on new tires? they already charge a disposal fee on new tires and i have been told by several tire companies that is not optional, also they charge a disposal fee when you change your tires and want to leave them at the tire shop for them to dispose of said tires, in conclusion we pay a double fee on tires, once when we buy them new and once when we have to dispose of them, why not make a bill instead that makes tire shops to take in old tires without charging the consumer an extra fee for disposing of them?
February 24, 2011
I don't think the govt need to intrude on a personal relationship between a woman and her doctor. I thought that Republicans are for LESS government intrusion into people's lives, not more. Does that not count if the person is a woman?

For someone who is a Republican, you are proposing mandatory taxes and trying to get money from the feds.