City councilmen playing games
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City manager!

Why waste time, effort and, most importantly, taxpayer money, hiring a new city manager?

The successful candidate for the position will be fired within a year or two, most likely the victim of City Council meddling, largely driven by the usual array of special interests.

Mayor David Carabajal has successfully blurred the line between the mayor’s position and the city manager’s position, so much so that what the mayor really needs is a mindless assistant who will deal with the mundane day-to-day responsibilities of running the city while he fills the position of mayor/CEO.

Hiring and firing city managers is very costly to our city. Aside from the dollars and cents, we lose continuity in the position, and our city can never develop and achieve long term strategic objectives that will benefit our entire community. Instead, our city simply exists from year to year, dealing with issues and problems as they manifest. Hence, by way of example, why this community has not successfully taken advantage of the Eagle Ford economic boom, which represents a massive missed opportunity to the city tax base (and thus a cost to all taxpayers) AND why the mayor was relegated to simply saying “I was dumbfounded,” when this city was left without water, and to date, we still don’t have a plan to deal with the drought.

By the way, several people have asked me how it was that I could not successfully complete a simple application form to run for City Council. The answer is that I followed the instructions perfectly. I was not at fault in the least bit. City Hall royally screwed up in their own interpretation of their instructions.

What I found very interesting is the gamesmanship that surrounded the entire process. Why were Messrs. Carabajal and Fulghum in the city secretary’s office as the 5 p.m. deadline for applications wound down?

Were they there to intimidate others from signing up? Were they there to slow down the process so others would butt up against the deadline?

I don’t know. But what I do know is that they had no business being there. They had only one reason to be there and that was to game the application system.

They both have done it before, all in an effort to get re-elected. I leave your reader with quotes from a few years back when they played the same childish games:

“We’re not playing a game here,” Fulghum said.

Carabajal said at the time that the move in wards had nothing to do with him being afraid to face Ralph “Lee” Arismendez in that year’s election.

“I’ve wanted to serve the ward where I started,” Fulghum said. He reminded voters that he lives in Ward 4, owns a home and a business in Ward 4, and it is the part of town where most of his friends and relatives live.

I guess that all of Mr. Fulghum’s friends and relatives have now moved to Ward 2 (where he is now unopposed) and, by God, he also moved his business to that part of town too! What a joke!

Jessy Garza

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