Commissioners should write Expo bylaws
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Bee County elected officials:

Now is the time for our county leaders to take control of the reins for the administration of the Expo Center board.

I never heard of appointed members to any publicly funded board making their own bylaws or modifying them for their benefit, especially when the budget is set or approved by the Commissioners Court for $143,000 from tax funds, or is the budget of $143,000 for their own personal fun?

At this time, the Expo Center has been operating with five members only, but should have 11 members to make decisions; instead, they are voting on important issues with as few as four votes. Mr. (Carlos) Salazar stated, “No taxpayers’ money is involved in what the Expo Center does. Members oversee events at the center and use money from those events for basic upkeep, like paying electric and water bills.” Salazar is mistaken! The utilities are part of the $143,000 budget. If the board is paying the utilities, why is there money from Bee County taxpayers allowing $25,000 from their $143,000 budget to be used for utilities? Where do you think the money comes from?

Terminate all present board members now!

County commissioners, you be the ones to write the bylaws for the board of the Expo Center; also, express in the bylaws, “No relatives on board.” Members are to serve a two-year term only and can be removed at the will of the Commissioners Court. Also include in the bylaws a statement that says an annual audit by an independent auditor not related to anyone in the Commissioners Court or the Expo Center board is required.

Carlos Perez
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