Concerned about texting driver
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To whom it may concern,

I was recently distraught by a traffic incident I witnessed outside my home. A female driver for an adult health and activity center was driving and texting. I had just taken the family dog outside, and in a split second, he got away from me and was across the street on his way to greet a neighbor. At the same time, the driver of a van that was from the adult activity center came speeding down the road. Several people tried to warn her to slow her speed, but it remained constant. As a result, our dog was hit. After taking him to the veterinarian, we were relieved to find that he suffered no serious injuries. To us, he is a part of our family.

I understand the driver spoke to our local authorities; however, I feel outraged at her for disregarding all things around her, for endangering our family pets and the life of any human being around our community. Driving while being distracted on a cell phone on the road or texting is not only dangerous for the driver but for other people on the road and for the elderly in the driver’s care as well.

I hope that the employee who hit our dog or employees of the adult activity center pay more attention to their surroundings and the passengers that they are driving around. Texting or talking on your cell phone is not acceptable for anyone, nor is endangering the lives of other people because of their stupidity.

We hope that this company will take the necessary safety precautions and investigate this incident further to ensure the safety of our roads, neighbors and children. Our house is not far from a local elementary school, so the speed zone is 20 mph. This time, it was our dog; next time, it may be someone’s child. As an animal lover, ignoring this matter could be classified as cruelty to animals. I ask that the center owners involved re-evaluate their employees more often to ensure the safety of our community.

Frank Perez

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