Good Shepherd Lutheran Church: Not #1 but one none the less
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Explaining that the life of all followers is to characterized by an intimate unity with God was the homily message given by the Rev. Wally Schievebein, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, on the Seventh Sunday after Easter and Mother’s Day.

Identifying all of us as the followers of God, Pastor stated we may not be the best but we should try to do best by God’s wishes and prayer. Just as Jesus and God are considered as One not separated from the Holy Trinity. Then we are all part of that One as were the disciples and his other believers.

We are held accountable by God but we always have a place to turn for help and love. God always considers we are “okay”. Problem are to be solved by prayer. When one has negative situations we find comfort in God’s love for us.

God doesn’t have favorites. We do not have to struggle for God’s love since all of us are his favorites. God sees us as the family congregation, one who believes, one who will be saved and one who will have life eternal.

God doesn’t see differences but embraces all who might be different. The maxim is to love all and learn the values of this family of God. Each of us are not judged or discounted by our belief, our experiences or our cultures. Around the globe followers pray in many languages and while all these voices many sound like babble, it would be like the sounds God hears all the time.

God hears the voices of his children and still loves as if we are his only child. That love makes God think of each of us with the same feelings He shows others. God shares this incredible gift with all his followers to bring joy. Our love in Jesus’ lets others know that we are Christians by the love we share.

During the discourse of the homily, Pastor repeatedly challenged whether any mother could be able to choose which child to favor with love. This then is the same with God who does not favor one above the other in his followers, we are all equal.

Mother’s Day was discussed by Cathy Jurgajtis. Mothers were recognized for the love they share. Lisa Theuret and Roxanne Theuret were found to be the youngest mothers; Lillie Mae Lambrecht and Florence Scarborough were the oldest grandmothers; and Mary Louise Pullin, Dee Haveman, and Florence Scarborough had the most grandchildren or great grandchildren.

Visitors are invited to partake on May 26 for the services at 8:30 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. for the beginning of Pentecost. Wear red to coincide with the Pentecost color.
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