Has America lost her soul?
by Ivy Conner
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Veterans Day is Friday. It is a time to remember those who have served our country so we Americans can continue to have the freedoms provided for by the founding fathers. But, do we really appreciate those freedoms? Years ago Americans had conviction and integrity and honesty and virtue. But today, America seems to have no soul. Soap-operas, drugs, materialism, debauchery and the devaluation of human life seem to be the order of the day.

America was established on the principles found in the Bible. The three pillars of American society were the home, the church and the school. Today, the Bible is often viewed as a book of fairy tales; homes and families are in disarray; the church is despised by some and belittled by others; and schools have frequently become detention-holding centers. Our pillars are falling. Our foundation has cracked. America crumbles around us while MTV and Lady Gaga; homosexuality and abortion; booze and drugs; murder and corruption flourish.

Our problem is not political, therefore, the solution is not political. The problem in America today is spiritual and moral, so the solution is spiritual and moral. Let’s return to the Bible, and to church, and to God.

Who would believe that in our generation homosexuality would be “right” and praying to Jehovah God would be “wrong”? That reading Heather Has Two Mommies would be “right” and reading the Bible would be “wrong”? That going to a topless bar would be “accepted” and going to church would be “politically incorrect”? That studying the Constitution would seem “revolutionary” while reading Humanism would be “normal”? That some schools would refuse to teach the Golden Rule of Jesus or the Ten Commandments, but instead teach abortion as a “choice” and condoms as the “rule”?

Remember, “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people,” Proverbs 14:34. And, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord [Jehovah],” Psalm 33:12.

Whoever reads this, we love you and God loves you. If you have questions or comments, contact Ivy at or his website or (361) 343‑2778.

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