Off-duty officer?
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My family and I are Bee County residents and live in Pawnee. My mom and dad have lived in Pawnee for more than 30 years and nothing in this small town ever happens.

But on the morning of July 5, my mother went outside to her vehicle to find that it had been sprayed with white spray paint on the hood and on the windshield. My sister called the sheriff’s office and, yes, a deputy did come out. But was there for like five minutes! He looked around and looked at the vehicle and was like, “It will wash off.” What? Really? My sister told him that she noticed that there was a spray can thrown on the other side of the fence, and it could be the same one used on the vehicle. Did he collect it for evidence, maybe to see if there was a fingerprint on it? No! He said, “Oh, OK.” Seriously? He didn’t even bother to go look at it, go pick it up and even make it seem like he cared. Then he told my sister that a report could be made or that it could be documented. OK, so did he take one? No!

At that time he got another call and said, “I have another call, do you want me to come back?” Again, what? OK, Mr. Deputy, you weren’t done here. Are there not other deputies that can take the other call? Since when did one person become more important than another? I know when we get customers at my work, we don’t stop helping someone just because their situation is less important than the person that just walked in; we take care of everyone.

It’s really sad that, when something terrible has happened and you call for help, not even the law cares. Whatever happened to “Protect and Serve?” What happened to the officer who made you feel like they where going to take care of it or do something about it, even though nothing could really be done. Just give a victim hope. Thank you, Mr. Lawman, you really make us feel like you’re here to protect us.


Julissa James
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August 07, 2012
On our next election voice your opinion by going out and voting.
July 13, 2012
Seriously? You think your windshield being painted is more serious than an out of control juvenile chasing folks with a knife? If you would have been listening to the scanner you would have heard that the deputy broke away from your damage call to back up another deputy that was dealing with a kid chasing relatives with a knife. In fact, they had like 3-4 calls almost at the same time. One was a large rattlesnake in someone's yard and the other two were yours and the knife call. The deputies have to respond to the most serious life threatening calls first in order to preserve the peace. They are not a store that serves customers as they checkout at the register, they have to deal with life threatening events! I heard them go back to your damaged car call later and get the evidence to investigate. Heaven forbid some kid chases you some day with a knife and the deputy can't respond because he is busy wiping a car off!
July 17, 2012
Well Mr. Henry, first of all if the officer would have said something, of course a juvenile with a knife if more important. And I dont work for a store I work for the county, so giving the public my all is my job. And I most certainly dont sit around all day listening to the scanner. And they wouldn't have gone back out had it not been for a personal phone call they got. So I guess the spray painter got the message that he/she can keep doing it and crap will be done about it.
July 12, 2012
Wow, this is really a prime example of how Law Enforcement officials lose the respect and admiration of the citizens they swore to protect and serve. I wish the author of this article would have named the officer, public chastisement is certainly called for in this matter. This is also a reason all interactions with law enforcement officials should be recorded and logged by every citizen. It is not against the law to video public servants while in the act of duty, and you may just help clear someone of false charges that might be used against them.
July 17, 2012
Seriously? You blame the officer for not informing you of life threatening call? So it's his fault you wrote an untruthful letter to the editor bashing your fellow employees when you didn't have your facts straight? Why didn't you ask him yourself that day or heaven forbid call and check your facts before you slander someone? You are what's wrong with this world. Folks like you never just say "I'm sorry, I was wrong." Instead, you shuffle the blame to someone else for doing his job! You first said that nothing could be done about the paint on the car but that the officer should have tried to make you feel better. Thank goodness he went to the aid of the people being chased with a knife instead of taking the time to coddle your "feelings." Also, do you have a problem with me listening to the scanner? You said you didn't have time but you make time to bash others while you're "giving the county your all."