Wasteful spending
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What do tennis courts, bus depots and AT&T underground lines have in common? These items have wasteful spending and poor planning by the Skidmore-Tynan Independent School District (S-TISD) in common just for starters.

Allow me to expound upon this premise…

First let’s look at the tennis courts:

Intention: To have new tennis courts on school grounds.

Cost: $250,000

Problem: simply put, poor planning by the S-TISD. These courts were arbitrarily located in a spot which interferes with parking for the ever popular football games. But moreover, the courts are comprised of only four courts (there needs to be twice that in order to hold tournaments); these courts are not up to specs with regulation courts! These courts as they stand are a waste of money!

Next, let’s examine the bus depots:

Intention: To have a structure within which the school’s buses could be parked in order to be protected from vandalism and the elements.

Cost: $100,000

Problem: Poor planning. The structures are too small to accommodate all of the school’s buses, thereby leaving them unprotected. What were they thinking?! The bus depot construction was again a waste of money!

Last but not least, the AT&T lines:

Cost: well into the millions of dollars.

Problem: These actually perform their function fairly well, so what’s the problem? The fact is that the S-TISD acquired the land and planned on building a new $6,000,000 school right over where these lines run underground! This cannot be done, and AT&T reserves the legal right to tear down any permanent structure built over their lines. How does this happen? Once again, this was due to poor planning by the S-TISD. Prior to purchasing this land for the grossly overpriced amount of $200,000, someone (like maybe the superintendant, Dr. Brett Belmarez) should have called “811” (also known as: ‘One Call’) to discover this before it became a problem!

If you’re wondering why students, at a school which is reportedly 80% federally funded, cannot eat a fully-balanced and nutritious school lunch without having to pay for it, or why parents have to pay for common, basic school supplies (paper, pencils, pens, etc.) or why your taxes are going through the roof, it may be because of this kind of poor planning and wasteful spending by the S-TISD board!

If you’re as frustrated as I am with this kind of poor money management, maybe you can get involved. You could attend school board meetings (they are open to the public). Go to the school’s website: to find more information. Meetings are also posted outside the administration building on campus. The simplest way to get involved is to register to vote; it’s free, and it allows you to replace individuals on the school board who waste your money like these folks are doing!

Gene Daniel

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