Woodsboro’s ‘Field of Dreams’ will get lights
by Kenda Nelson
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Woodsboro’s ‘Field of Dreams’ opened on the inaugural season for Lady Eagle softball and Eagle baseball. This summer lights will go up.
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Woodsboro residents opened their “Field of Dreams” in 2007, ushering in the school’s inaugural season of baseball and softball. Since then, the same volunteers who made the dream a reality have added numerous amenities, including a practice area so that precious warm-up time won’t tie up the two main fields for play.

“We can’t say enough about how this town has supported our efforts,” said Scott Carter and Larry Jochetz, who have led efforts to keep the field progressing.

A sprinkler system fed by two water wells keep the grass green. Volunteers mow the outfield to perfection so at any given time the field is ready.

At the top of the wish list for the field are lights which will be added this summer after the Little League season ends.

“Lights would open up play after dark so we can get another game in,” Carter said.

The two avid baseball/softball fans are about $10,000 short of their goal. A barbecue will be held on Sunday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the field.

“The plates will be served in to-go containers,” Jochetz said.

The pair are counting on the barbecue to rally support from residents.

“We’re asking for commitment,” Carter says. “Nobody has to give a dime until they see our progress. When we finish, then we’d like their support.”

As soon as the Little League season ends and before school starts, a window of opportunity begins to set the poles and install the lighting system.

“We’ve waited a while for this step,” Carter said. “Larry and I went to the bank and secured enough funds for this project so we could get it done. That’s the good thing about Larry, I tell him what we need to do and he helps me get it done.”

Their appetite to improve the fields are partially fed from pride at having one of the most pristine fields in South Texas and from support from the many fans who spill over the seating capacity and line the fences with lawn chairs to watch the kids play.

“The kids and coaches remember this field after they’ve played here,” Carter said. “My daughter who coaches in Beeville tells me about the comments she’s heard on our field.”

The game against Falls City drew hundreds of fans, netting $1,140 in concession and gate fees.

“That was the largest capacity and best concession night we’ve ever seen,” Jochetz said. We sold more than 100 hamburgers.”

But Jochetz and Carter still have a wish list...awnings to provide shade for fans, new aluminum bleachers, replacing chain link backstops with eye-friendly net...the list will never be static but the pair don’t want to get ahead of themselves either. Steady progress is what they’re after and continued support from the community that cares about baseball and softball.

The ‘field of dreams’ will span generations of ball players to come, long after their work is done. That is part of their dream.

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April 28, 2009
these guys are awesome!!
April 28, 2009
How refreshing, to have these gentlemen going out of their way for the young people in the area. There aren't enough of these kinds of stories, There aren't enough of these kinds of people in the world. They are doing something rather than sitting at their computers and complaining about a situation they don't like. They letting their actions speak volumes. Great Job & a Job Well Done!
April 28, 2009
These fellows did a great job! They are thinking of future generations and of the community as a whole. May they be blessed in all their endeavors.

And most importantly, A Sincere Thank You!