Work together
by Gloria Anzaldua Refugio
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As I was reading Ann Lopez’s letter in the paper about the Dome or emergency shelter, it took me back to the 1941 hurricane. Our family home was completely destroyed.

I saw so many of our things broken and destroyed; everything was all over the back yard. I saw my father Jim Hernandez and my mother Victoria Hernandez very worried.

My father fixed a room for us where we could stay during the day. He also went out to help other families who needed help. I can’t forget how my mother tried to find her favorite things, especially our pictures and also trying to salvage our clothing.

Fortunately, we were not at home; we had gone to stay with my Aunt who was ill. Her home was also damaged. I remember moving to another part of her house where we were safe. I don’t know what would have happened if we had stayed in our own home.

There were trees and trash all over town. I saw the Methodist Church which used to be on Alamo Street. It was made of brick and that, too, was completely destroyed.

We didn’t have FEMA but we had the Red Cross which came to help. My mother helped the Red Cross bring food and water to the families that were more in need. I asked my mother if we also needed help, but she said we were lucky we were not hurt, and we can make it.

There are some elderly people and also injured people that were hurt more; we were one of the last families to rent a house to move into. To this very day I am so afraid of hurricanes. The minute I hear there is a hurricane in the Gulf I start packing.

I agree with Ann Lopez, we do need an emergency shelter for natural disasters. So how many of us will try to help our community? Helping each other makes us stronger in a rural community.

Please help us work together to bring the shelter to our community.

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