by LiberatedWoman
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Look at the blog below to see how Repukes try to rewrite history again.

It was I, LiberatedWoman, that first used the term "Obama Derangement Syndrome" (ODS) on these blogs.  To be specific, it is a disease that radical racist right-wing bloggers suffer because of their intense hatred of President Obama.  Now they try to steal the term and work it into their twisted convoluted world.  Once again, Repukes demonstrate their lack of creativity by stealing from others.

Now they keep crying and posting nonsense that nobody bothers to read because they think that is going to stop liberal blogs from appearing on this Website.  ROTFL.

If conservatives want a nation where there are no taxes and no government services they should go to Haiti where the capitol of Port-au-Prince isn't even able to provide basic water, sewer or sanitary services two years after the earthquake that rocked the nation.  Even the wealthy of the country walk through the sewers in the streets and cower behind their iron gates scared of diseases such as cholera.  This is the government that conservatives want for you!

Vote Democratic in 2012!
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June 28, 2012
It would appear the cons like to employ the tactic of "stalker by proxy". LOL@their nonsense!