Follow the Yellow Brick Road...
by LiberatedWoman
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Tea-Party Crackpot
Tea-Party Crackpot

...and you'll eventually run into that crackpot, Ron Paul. 

Ron Paul has not demonstrated either willingness or ability to reason outside the box of his ideological convictions.  Being able to abstract general principles from a multitude of facts and apply them to new facts is the mark of an intelligent person.  Being unable to see facts that contradict your abstract principles is the mark of an ideologue.  Anyone who can say, “the notion of a rigid separation between church and state has no basis in either the text of the Constitution or the writings of our Founding Fathers,” or call the Constitution “replete with references to God,” can’t see facts through the filter of his ideology.  A man who doesn’t care what happens to people who cannot afford education or health care as long as his Constitutional principles are kept pure is an ideologue.

If you have any doubts that Ron Paul is a brick short of a full load, then remember he is also a true libertarian advocating for the legalization of drugs, including controlled substances.


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May 17, 2011
He's nutty for sure, but half his comments are right on. He's against our two wars, and the huge private military created by CIA spooks and NSA creeps, and his stance on decriminalizing drug use is quite brave considering the influence of the Prison lobbyists and Holyrollers.

Religion in politics needs to go away and return to the church where it belongs. It's gotten so bad that I could barely watch "Survivor" anymore. Every contestant seemed to be under the illusion that God gave a hoot about some idiot trying to win a Million bucks by hanging from a rope upside down in a Nicaraguan jungle – what a joke.

God is gonna' get mad if we don't stop asking him for dumb stuff all the time. Stare at your navel, take a Yoga class, read a book other than the Bible - anything to enlighten yourself to the fact that God loves you, but doesn't care one bit about you winning a football game or a million dollars on a TV show.

May 17, 2011
Read article at crooksandliars com about fox news involvement in John Ensign cover up.