Hard Facts
by tryg
 Hard Facts
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Here we have a name differentview2 answering for liberatedwoman on her blog. Proof positive that she uses more than one name. I am sure it will disappear soon.

Fascist Defined

by LiberatedWoman

 Fascist Defined

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TryG s Weekend Warrior Outfit.

TryG's Weekend Warrior Outfit.

See the blog below this one and you will note that they marked off both items three and six of the checklist on this blog.

Anytime they don't like the truth that I post, then I get called a socialist and a liberal by the radical racist right-wingers on these blogs.

To Jason:  Yes, this is a personal attack, but you have failed to delete personal attacks on me and other abusive blogs and articles.  Do not start employing a double standard now.

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Less Than A Minute Ago

Changed? who are you trying to trick here? No one believes you. You have been exposed. Obama is losing every day get used to it, or don't, I don't care. Must so sad to be a person that has to make up many names to agree with themselves because you have no friends and no one else agrees with you.



2 Minutes Ago


Jason knows that I am not attacking him so quit trying to spin it into something that it isn't.

However, I have been attacked repeatedly by Tryg, MOR and you. I've held back many times in responding, but I've had enough of the insults.

Yes, this will be interesting and I'll probably receive a warning from him through my e-mail. However, I trust that he will be fair.

Why don't you produce an article about the positive things about your presumptive candidate and why we should vote for him. Are you up to that challenge? Tick tock, tick tock...



1 Hour Ago

You are right about the fascism LW. Sudden attacks the minute the editor leaves the office, followed by the HYPOCRISY that you are attacking them and Jason. It seems nothing has changed.

LiberatedWoman | 1 Hour Ago

It looks like TryG has already tried his G tonight. Look at the first sentence of his last post and try to make any sense of it. ROTFL!

Plus another false accusation that I'm the same person as Dubious--will you ever learn?

tryg | 2 Hours Ago

You don't never have. You're jealous.

Are you going to get your dubios name to agree with you? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LiberatedWoman | 2 Hours Ago

Don't TryG look purty!

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June 23, 2012
Outstanding catch T!

Of course expect lw to deny, whine and cry, come up with more names attack, attack and attack.

Odds are that the Bee Pic inbox is overflowing with emails from her. Mr. Collins must be tired of the crying.

Again a great catch.