How America Became a Communist Nation
by HellFire
 How America Became a Communist Nation
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The root of the problem the world is facing right now isn't really governments… or banks. The real problem is simply a very bad idea – the idea that the State ought to sit in the center of society. Let me explain…

The last 100 years (since 1914) saw not only the end of the classic gold standard, but also the fantastic ascendancy of the nation-state.

These two trends are inherently and dangerously related.

Until World War I, the central government of the United States, for example, played a small role in the lives of its citizens. Its powers were strictly limited, as were its revenues. It was specifically barred from taxing citizens directly. It was a humble government that interacted with the individual states in the union, but didn't interact much with individual citizens.

The first signs of change came after the Civil War. "Progressive" ideas began to emerge. Most of these ideas came from Germany, from philosophers like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The core of these ideas was that the State itself was superior to its citizens. Therefore, the argument went, society ought to be organized to better accomplish the goals of the State.

Today, most Americans have no idea that the foundations of our modern State are based – nearly verbatim – on the demands of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto.

In 1848, Marx threatened to organize a worker's revolution unless European governments:

1. Abolished property rights and applied all rents towards public purposes.

[Modern corollary: Don't pay your property taxes, lose your house. So who really owns your house?]

2. Levied a heavy, progressive income tax to equalize wages.

[Modern corollary: Combined federal and state marginal income and payroll taxes approach (or surpass) 50% in many U.S. states.]

3. Abolished all rights of inheritance.

[Modern corollary: The estate tax.]

4. Confiscated the property of all emigrants.

[Modern corollary: The 2008 "Hero's Act," which forces people leaving the U.S. to pay the equivalent of their estate taxes on the global assets before they turn in their passports.]

5. Centralized access to credit in the hands of the State by means of a national bank and an exclusive monopoly.

[Modern corollary: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which make more than 90% of all of the mortgages in the U.S. and have dominated the market for mortgages for decades.]

6. Centralized the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.

[Modern corollary: AT&T was a legal monopoly for decades. Amtrak is a ward of the states. The government owns all the roads. And the State controls all air traffic.]

7. Provided free education for all children in public schools.

[Note the emphasis on public schools. Paying for education isn't enough. What counts is indoctrinating the kids in glorifying the State.]

8. Produced a common agricultural policy to maximize the productivity of the land.

[Modern corollary: Massive ethanol and agricultural subsidies.]

Most people in democracies like these ideas for one simple reason: They hold the allure of getting something for nothing. They are the siren song of living at the expense of your neighbor.

These ideas became extremely popular over the last 100 years, all around the world. As a result, as democracy spread, so did these ideas. Politicians of each party and persuasion throughout the Western world quickly adopted them as their own (and never mentioned Marx).

As these ideas took hold, one big problem developed… How do you pay for them?

Progressive politicians believed they had the answer. They just took Marx's big innovation: A progressive income tax. Let the rich pay!

It's a popular idea – but it never works because decisions to add more benefits don't take into account the expense of paying for them. It doesn't take long for the budget to get out of control. Or said another way, everyone can't live at the expensive of his neighbor. His neighbor can't afford it… and he moves.

More serious, the flaw in communism is obvious. Communism doesn't account for the fact that people expect to control the fruits of their labor. People don't like their assets being stolen and their wages being heavily taxed by a government that regulates their businesses and sends their children off to war. Incrementally, people stop working. Wealthy people flee… or hide their incomes.

Tax revenues fail to meet projections. Deficits grow. Deficit spending soars. And debts mount.

That's where paper money comes in. Paper money isn't only good for financing a war. It's also perfect for closing the gap between what an economy ought to produce and its paltry real production when it has been beaten into submission by communist ideas. I like to explain it this way…

The central truth of economics is scarcity. There can never be enough of anything to satisfy everyone. The central truth of politics is patronage: promising to give everything to everyone. Paper money is the bridge between economics and politic s.

The unpaid debts of an entire generation of people in Western countries are coming due. The so-called "baby boomers" grew up in a world dominated by Marxism and Keynesian economics. These are bad ideas. They are destined to collapse.

P. Stansberry.


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January 11, 2011
Box- I believe you have a short term memory problem. I would cool the wild weed for a few weeks.

These questions have been answered more than I can stand - and it is my fault for playing into your little BS game - talk about dishonest. I suggest you seek out the V.A., if you actually were in the service and get a brain scan.

But, for the umpteeth time. I am against war, especially the ones in recent history, which have been pretty much been proven to be unnecessary. Ask yourself what our leaders mean by "American Interests." What does that mean to you? What it means to me is fighting for corporate profits overseas. You can call me un-American, but history will prove me to be correct, as it proved millions correct who were against the Vietnam debacle. Brave men and women died or were injured in a pointless war.

We have a powerful military lobby driving this country into bankruptcy in their quest for the latest and great expensive explosive hardware. Our "Professional" military makes me nervous as hell. I am much more comfortable with a civilian army (yes, the draft). As a civilian army was good enough to win WWII, it's good enough to protect our country's borders now.

The V.A owes me. That was our agreement when I signed up. I give you my life for four years, you take care of me if anything happens. Case closed, big mouth.
January 11, 2011
Hardhead-My response about WWII was Box's statement that "Liberals" didn't want to fight in WWII (That must have been another one of his jokes - he's such a kidder) The US had no interest in joining the war in Europe until war was declared on us. It wasn't a Liberal or Conservative decision to not enter or enter - we were attacked and forced into the war, and it was fought by Americans of all colors and political views. I believe we would have joined in the European battle eventually anyway. You are correct with all the other dates, but the war in Europe and Asia started a few years before we joined in.

Hell - give me your email address and I'll send you a PDF of "Bee City" - it's about Beeville and the lovely folks who lynched a union organizer. I was inspired to write the story because I photographed his hanging corpse.

Box - and that's why I'm still interested in Beeville - I've always felt an obligation to this "Saint" who was killed trying to help out workers in the poor Latino community fondly called "Mexican Town" will I was stationed at Chase Field. Yeah, a real tear jerker from a carpetbagger outsider who should just mind his own business and forget all about Bee City.

It's not easy being deceased, the keyboard keeps floating away as I type.
January 11, 2011
Quoting Lasaliva "Sorry, the U.S. was very neutral about entering WWII - liberals and conservatives alike. We only entered the war once it became obvious that Britain and the rest of Europe were losing to the Nazis. The war in Europe started in 1939, and our fist troops to enter battle began in 1943. Also the Germans, Italians and Japanese treaty forced the U.S. into the European conflict once Japan attacked Hawaii"

FACT: We only entered the war after war was declared on us, we didn't just "enter the war" because an ally was losing as Lasaliva states.


The declaration of war by the Empire of Japan on the United States and the British Empire document was released on December 8, 1941 (Japan time, December 7 in the United States) after the attack on Pearl Harbor was executed pre-emptively. Three days later, December 11, Japan's allies, Germany and Italy, both declared war on the United States. The U.S. Congress responded immediately by declaring war on them.

Japan had invaded China in 1937 and was conquering South East Asia and the Pacific Islands before WWII.

Germany was violating the Treaty of Versailles they had signed after WWI. The Treaty was undermined by subsequent events starting as early as 1932 and was widely flouted by the mid-1930s. In 1932, the German government announced it would no longer adhere to the treaty's military limitations.

In March 1935, Adolf Hitler violated the Treaty of Versailles by rebuilding the armed forces. This included a new Navy, the first full armored divisions, and an Air Force.

In March 1936, Hitler violated the treaty by reoccupying the demilitarized zone in the Rhineland.

In March 1938, Hitler violated the treaty by annexing Austria.

In September 1938 violated the Treaty by annexing the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia.

In March 1939, Hitler violated the treaty by occupying the rest of Czechoslovakia.

On 1 September 1939, Hitler violated the treaty by invading Poland, initiating World War II in Europe.

If we would have stopped Hitler immediately after he violated the treaty and Japan immediately after they invaded China as Bush stopped Hussein, thousands of lives could have possible been spared and we may have never ended up in a world war. Liberals were against USA's involvement and wanted us to stay neutral the same as today.

Hussein invaded Kuwait and then violated United Nations Security Council Resolutions so he was stopped by the USA. Liberals cry that it was Bush's war and that we are war hawks yet perhaps we would now be in another world war if Hussein would have been allowed to continue as Hitler did. Now look at Iran and North Korea. Do liberals want the USA to stop these men by military force or will we repeat history all over again? Except this time they have the nukes too.

Learn from history, don't repeat it.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.
January 11, 2011

Do we as Americans have the right to write or speak what would constitute breach of law? Before anyone asks, apply my question to local, state and federal applications.

January 11, 2011

Observe how you cling to the deception. Like obama and his band of traitors, you run like a roach in the light of truth. Never did I state the “contest” was faked, I stated you chose to claim a screenplay that had no connection to Beeville, Bee County or even Texas which was authored by a now deceased man. You have nothing left as within hours of posting your lies reality convicted you the liar. Quite simple really, while puzzling to you no one is surprised you grasp the lies you post so dearly.

No matter how many times or the magnitude of lies you post, I have exposed you again. Get over it, move on, you should be accustomed to the feeling of a fool by now. You have been humiliated profoundly multiple times. LMAO @ U!!!

Give up and follow your own advise, leave.

January 10, 2011
Hell bent-

That last little batch of BS pretty much has you dangling in the wind with no safety net. I encourage every interested reader who wants to find out what a big No-it-all BS'r HF is - to simply type in Google:Creative Screenwriting Magazine AAA 2010 screenplay semi-finalists. The semi finalists are in alphabetical order, and under my name in the "T" listing is Bee City Ascension. (I'm still looking for a producer - any rich Texans want to make a movie?) And, oh yes, I am not deceased.

Absolute proof that my words are true, HF is a wrong but is not man enough to admit that for the past three or four months, he has been led astray by his own big ego.

I'm awaiting a sincere apology from both Box and Hell, and we can then return to civil correspondence.

I don't think this will happen as I know Hell will write that I made up the contest, the winners list, the photos of the award ceremony, and the hotel where the award ceremony was given. It has cost me a lot of money to fake Hell out, but I'm a millionaire and I can afford it (Ha, Ha)
January 10, 2011
as hf wrote sometimes you jest as I do but this is no time to joke.We agree on alot just not all I dont take things personal.We as Americans still have the right to speak or write and agree and disagree.Dont take things written by me or others here personal. It will keep you up mad at night.Now im going to bed cows dropped two calves today I got to get up early to check on them.Dont assume the negative.