Liars And Losers Stick Together
by HellFire
 Liars Stick Together
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Obama has  the distinction of being caught lying more than any person every to occupy the white house. 

Below are examples of those that follow his destruction of American and their mental capacity.

5 Minutes Ago
I posted what shows as anonymous, hence the question marks----DUH!!!!!!!

Quoting you "Those insults are also violate the user agreements on this site." Here again you provide an example of your intelligence, the correct word is violated not violate,the use of are is totally inappropriate exampling your lack of knowledge of simple grammar and between singular and plural.


What you call insults are facts.

What are insults and user agreement violations are the insults and attacks YOU post against myself, Sam and others. Apparently no enforcement will result as you continue everyday.

I have proven obammie to be a liar, as well as you with no doubt what so ever. What you do is as always try to change the subject because you are exposed once again.

What you have accomplished is given all who read this blog insight to your cognizant abilities and lack of credibility of your postings. Thank you again.

By the way I left a simple spelling error for you to gloat over, you missed it, what a surprise...LOL

2 Hours Ago
LOL at the grammarian.

I doubt that this person is actually "Anonymous" since he/she uses the same exact insults as several of the other right-wing bloggers on this site. Those insults are also violate the user agreements on this site.

I'm ROTFL at the person who thinks that I wouldn't notice.
3 Hours Ago
3 Hours Ago
Wrong, wrong and WRONG! The grammar you insist on using is ridiculous. Thank you for the additional insight, however enough evidence has been provided to show how very little credibility any post by you has.

Abundantly clear you cannot grasp the difference between an adjective and noun. And the fact you claim renown is a verb as you use it is hilarous!

Here is an exact sentence, different wording, that you use. "I get pay welfare for sitting at home doing nothing when I could be a productive person and not a sloth." Obvious that "paid" is the correct word.

Also your sentence "You are renown for your ability to twist words, intentions, and inject falsehoods" is rife with comma usage. Another 3rd grade grammar mistake on your part.

Obama is speaking on the subject of planned parent hood not how he has made many attempts to destroy this nation. All content of that address is directed to planned parenthood and obammie clearly indicates that mammograms are part of planned parenthood.

Obama either has no knowledge of what he speaks about or deliberately lies.

22 Hours Ago

Renown (n) - a state of being widely acclaimed and highly honored : fame

e.g. He achieved great renown for his discoveries.

Therefore, I believe my grammar usage is correct.

Thanks (yes, I typed it) for acknowledging that I was correct regarding the use of the apostrophe in the contraction "it's".

Most importantly, you did not prove that President Obama lied. You took the words stated in the quote, applied your own meaning and then declared it a lie. Just acknowledge it and move on.
23 Hours Ago
Below you continue to provide insight to your cognizant ability;

You do not know the difference between singular and plural and obviously cannot tell the difference between a noun and adjective. Renown has no place in your sentence and is not a noun as you use it. Simple 3rd grade grammar. I mean really, LOL @ U!

As far a the contraction you are correct.

Obama was lying, point proven.

Again thank you for the insight on your intelligence, it shows everyone just how much credibility your blogs and responses have.
23 Hours Ago


First thing in your reply, the word "its" has an apostrophe. Second, "renown" is an actual word that can be used as a noun or a verb. Third, you did not prove that Obama lied.

Sam_Hill | 5 Hours Ago

Looks like she/he got shutup on this subject LOLOLOLOLOLLLLLLL!!!

HellFire | April 16, 2012

First its renowned not renown. Second reread my response it stands as proof positive that obama lied. Third your attack is unwarranted and in violation of user rules.

Significant percentage of readership... at least 3 major grammar violations and a what is a significant percentage 1? LOL!!!

I started to delete your comments but I will let them stand for ALL to read.

Do not post on my blogs unless you can conduct yourself in accordance with all user rules!!

Sam_Hill | April 16, 2012

I read it as obammie saying planned parenthood provides mammograms. I only went to the sebenthe ghrade. BUHAAAAAAAA

LiberatedWoman | April 16, 2012

You are renown for your ability to twist words, intentions, and inject falsehoods and implications into the sentences of virtually everyone which has earned you the scorn of a significant percentage of the readership.

Why don't you admit that you added your personal bias to the president's address? Why do you blame President Obama for your dysfunctional loser attitude in life?

HellFire | April 16, 2012

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April 19, 2012
I am positive obammie boy would be proud of you!

The thanks goes totally to you, as you continue to provide all with your attempts at deception and insight to your credibility. The more you post the more you prove me correct. The proof is above in my blog.

Although, your inept deceptive attempts are amusing I am sure they are not having the effect you intend. In fact, the level of embarrassment you are subjecting yourself to is pathetic.