More Democratic Lies
by HellFire
 More Democratic Lies
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My repost is note worthy as it dismisses the lies that Republicans have not tried to establish legislation and be bipartisan on legislation.. The Patients Choice Act of This was a fair bill. 
I doubt most will read it however.
Obama health care reform is not reform. It is government health care expansion. Under the proposal the IRS would expand 25% to be able to handle the 88 new government programs and enforce the 219 new regulations in the bill.
Obama was against expanding government during his campaign, so we will attribute that to another lie. Over 20% of seniors on Medicare choose private supplemental insurance. Under the obama reform they would lose the option and pay more for less coverage. How does this create competition among insurance companies when you eliminate the choices? Raise the level of poverty to qualify for medicade from 100% to 133% raising the numbers covered by taxpayers by millions. Those suffering from chronic health problems will pay more, not less like obama would like you to believe. Currently 7.5% of medical costs can be deducted. Obama says raise that to over 10% or eliminate it all together. Chronically ill people will lose that deduction. Devices, medical devices will be taxed. You will not only pay for the medical costs but pay taxes on the devices separately. Price tag, 829 billion. Now look at this, the real price tag is more like 1.7 trillion. Why, because the bill states doctors will accept less money for providing heath care. No where in the bill does it require this to happen. A smoke and mirror ploy. 16% of the GNP would be required to fund this farce. Unsustainable to be factual. We now borrow 43 cents of every dollar from foreign sources, nest 3 years it will become 47% to 53%. Do the math. Here’s a big red flag; 26 people will tell the entire nations medical professionals how and when to treat patients and how much to spend based on as of yet to be disclosed criteria. Obamas health care reform is just another government agency clone. Medicare, medicade, VA and Indian health care have never worked, never will. Obammie and crew want you to believe they work so he can make another step closer to socialism. You will be required to but health care coverage. Refuse or be unable results in a $25000.00 fine. Failure to pay the fine, go to jail for a year.
These are only high lights, but enough to blow the lid off of the lie. Obama is trying to steal Americas future.
The below legislation has been defeated four times by democrats. Now comes the exposed lies of Obammie and crew as to what is standing in the way of progress.
“The Patients” Choice Act of 2009
Has historically proven methods to solve real problems with real solutions that will cover 95% of Americans. Sen. Coburn is a practicing doctor. Sen. Coburn under senate rules can not charge for his services. Sen. Coburn continues to practice while paying $200.000 per year for malpractice insurance. Some highlights that grabbed my attention.
It allows insurance to be portable across state lines from employer to employer.
It is proven that an insurance carrier will invest in health care like preventive medicine, education and life style changes. Rewarding the covered by lower premiums for stopping smoking, weight loss and healthy life styles. These are not theories but documented facts. The insurance companies will out pay less, charge less for coverage. Funding is important, this bill is much less than the one obama supports . Sustainable also. Fair taxing, the more you make, the more you pay. No more loop hole hiding. Requires insurance coverage of the people to be equal to that of Congress. Freedom of choice to boot. This bill is easily understood so I won’t go into depth. The link is below.
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